Are you thinking of upgrading from your current walk behind mower? There are many options available. However, switching to a more superior lawn mower will mean spending more money. You should therefore take the time to consider the different options available to you and find which will best suit you.

Difference between Zero turn mowers and lawn tractors

*A zero turn mower can turn 180° and is therefore efficient in mowing. There is no need to reverse over missed spots. A lawn tractor has a wide turn radius. This means it will miss some patches of grass and you will therefore have to reverse over these spots to mow them.

*The lawn tractor has a slower speed than the Zero turn lawn mower. This means that you get the job done much faster with the latter.

*The maneuverability of the zero turn lawn mower enables you to get a neat and closely cut ground. The lawn tractor is not as good at avoiding obstacles and therefore leaves much to be desired where there are many garden objects to avoid.

Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers


These mowers will cut your mowing time in half. The time used to mow the lawn or yard will depend of course on its size and the nature and number of obstacles on the land. However, all things equal, a zero turn mower is much faster in mowing the same piece of land.


These mowers have dual wheel motors. This provides the driver with a greater deal of maneuverability as they can control each wheel independently. This means that you can move in any number of ways by simply moving your arms forward or backward. You can easily avoid obstacles such as tree stumps and trees while ensuring that you give the grass in the vicinity a good shave.

3.Easier to use

It is like driving a little cart. All you need to do is move your arms backwards and forward to provide direction. Cutting the grass on a lawn could not be easier.

4.Low fuel consumption

If there is anything that has caused a lot of concern in recent years, it is the increasing cost of fuel. Even though prices have stabilized, they are still quite high. It is great to know that zero turn mowers do not consume a lot of fuel since you spend much less time mowing the lawn.

5.Cleaner job

You will get a better finish on your lawn and therefore get a better looking lawn for it. This is all thanks to the higher blade rip speed in the Zero turn mower. This blade is much higher than the other riding counter parts. This allows for a better finish on your lawn.

6.The mowers last longer

This is because you spend much less time using them. They are therefore able to last for much longer with less wear and tear.

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Husqvarna Product Tour
Select media were invited to test the 2011/2012 product lineup from Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment.

This included chainsaws, trimmers, hedgers, pole saws, riding mowers, zero-turns and more!
By Charles & Hudson on 2011-07-12 16:44:59
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How to Operate a Zero Turn Mower

Own a zero turn mower but don’t know how to use it? This video walks through the steps of starting and operating a zero turn mower. In this video, every step is broken down and presented in an easy to understand manner. Visit for more landscaping tutorials!

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