There are a few reasons why you might need to wear a badge reel to work every day. The most common reason is that you will need to have your id badge on display at all times. Regardless of what your job is or the setting in which you work, an employee identification badge is more than likely a staple in your work attire. Since that is the case for most people, the innovation of BooJee Beads decorative accessories for the workplace has been greeted with great excitement.

Today, the badge reel can be more of a fashionable accessory than functional piece thanks to BooJee Beads decorative lanyards and badge clips. You may be familiar with lanyards as the rope worn around the coach you remember from high school. However, today a badge reel attached to a decorative lanyard is a highly professional item used in many instances outside of the high school track.

In hospitals and medical offices, classrooms and boardrooms, the requirement to prominently display identification may be quite similar. Therefore, in any of these settings, a BooJee Beads decorative lanyard or badge clip is right at home. In years past, employee ID badges would be worn in a simple plastic case and clipped onto clothing. While badge clips are still widely used and very applicable, there is no need to forego style regardless of whether you wear a badge reel on a clip or on a lanyard.

In instances where a badge is also an electronic key, or you utilize an electronic key to get from one area into another, badge reels with retractable reels are the ideal tool. When you attach your electronic key to a retractable reel, there is no need to bend down to slide your key through the reader; nor is there a need to rummage through your pockets or briefcase to find your key. Wearing electronic keys on a retractable badge allows you to create convenience and organization. It also allows you to use your badge clip as a stylish accessory by opening the doors to decorative BooJee Beads clips.

In most instances, what you wear and how you accessorize are subconsciously scrutinized by those you come into contact with. In the workplace, badges are a staple for just about everyone. That doesn’t mean that you must look just like everyone else though. By using an already necessary tool as yet one more way to enhance your professional image, you have created a way to add your personal touch to everything you wear at work. The way you present yourself at work makes a bold statement about how you view yourself… and your role at work. If you have your sites on moving up the ladder, taking the necessary steps to enhance your professional image is important.

There are many items for busy people to create convenience at work and make them look professional. Leather briefcases and stylish clothing are aspects that many people take into account. Lanyards and badge clips, however, are often overlooked and yet are some of the best items to create a more professional image. Change the way you display your badge and see great results.

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