In terms of lawn mowers, the prevalent model in most homes these days is the gasoline driven kind. And this has proven its usefulness through time, particularly with significant lawns. On the other hand, with all the present concerns in our current society, electric lawn mowers are slowly gaining ground in their bid to replace their gas-powered forerunners. And there are very good reasons for you to take part in doing so. Below are a few of them:

To begin with, electric lawn mowers are convenient to use. All that they really have to have is an overnight charging and a quick push of a button. This stands in stark contrast to the gasoline lawn mower, where a pull cord, and a continual supply of gasoline is actually a must. One in addition must know about chokes, engine starters, carburetors and various other items, in particular when the engine won’t start up, which takes place far more regularly in this kind as compared to with the electric version.

Second, electric lawn mowers are actually more friendly to your neighbors. That is mainly because they’re quiet, plus they discharge no smoke or fumes. This once again is in contrast to the loud roar of the gasoline version, which is often noticed from several houses away, and wakes the neighbors up from their sleep. The gas-driven versions additionally give off foul-smelling fumes, which can travel for a number of yards down a home or two, and further damage the neighborhood atmosphere.

Thirdly, there is obviously the environmental consequence. We all know about global warming, and how fossil fuels contribute to it from the engine’s carbon-containing emissions. By employing exactly the same technology on our lawn, we are only adding to the harm. True, the actual batteries of electric models can also be causing some environmental damage, but right now it’s significantly less than what non-renewable fuels have already done.

Then there is the maintenance. With a gasoline engine, you must commit quite a bit more cash to keep it operating. There is the gasoline itself, the oil, the tune ups, and also the blade sharpening, which might total about $ 700 per year. In contrast, an electric powered engine will need electricity (which is presently less costly than gas), a bit of blade sharpening, and very little else. In addition to saving yourself a lot of effort, you can in addition save a great deal of money with this engine style.

Finally, there’s the efficiency. Some individuals don’t prefer to go electric mainly because the engines aren’t as powerful, but exactly how large is the typical lawn anyway? If you will have the self-discipline to mow whenever the grass is dry, and before the grass grows too high, then the efficiency is practically the same for an average sized yard. Unless of course, you own a mansion, which could be the only instance where the gasoline-powered mowers will be superior.

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I hate electric lawn mowers
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Ego 56v electric rechargeable lawn mower

This is a quick run down of some of the features and benefits of the ego electric mower that I just recently purchased. A follow up video with more information on the batteries was also uploaded.