There are several rumors around about reel mowers that may keep you from buying one for yourself. However, while some may be true when it comes to the older versions, the reel push mowers of today are totally different than their ancestor.

They’re not only different, but also much more dependable. Following are some good reasons for investing a reel lawn mower:

– They’re lightweight, typically weighing only 15 to 20 pounds. This saves you on shipping costs, and you can lift the mower to hang on the wall of your shed or garage.
– These are environmentally friendly because they’re human powered and don’t pollute the air.
– Since you don’t need gas to power this mower, it costs less money. In fact, you’ll save so much money by NOT using gas that your mower will pay for itself in a few months.
– They’re simple to move around. As they’re so light, this makes them much more versatile and easy to move around hard to reach places in your yard. Also, they’re easier to push uphill.
– A reel mower is healthier for your grass than spinning blades. They use a sheering motion and clip the grass more evenly without ripping it.
– They’re affordable, making them more economical and efficient.
– If you have a small lawn, the reel mower is the perfect choice. They’re small and easily stored in addition to getting the job done in little time.
– The blades are easy to sharpen. You can get a special kit that costs around $ 15 and sharpen these blades yourself in about 15 minutes.
– Reel mowers are safer since they’re human powered. When you stop pushing the mower, the blade also stops cutting. The blade is smaller so you don’t risk getting your hand caught in it while sharpening it.
– A nice feature for your neighbors is that it’s quieter. There’s no gas powered motor so there’s no noise. All you hear is a quiet sheering sound. This allows you to mow your lawn as early in the morning or late at night as you want to. There’s no noise to disturb anyone.

Now that you see the reasons for purchasing a reel lawn mower, you can make an informed decision.

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Frank Kohlrus, Proprietor
On our way back from Springfield, we decided to follow Rte 66 for a while. First U-turn was in Williamsville. Quoting a nice piece about him from a few years back:

"He sells Route 66 memorabilia at his unique Williamsville shop, The Old Station. He also drove a tow truck in Springfield for more than 20 years. He sharpens blades, sells tires and about anything else, changes flats, welds, hauls grain in the fall, buys and sells mowers, does machine work and sand blasting, among a few other things. If it makes a buck or two, Frank’s there. …It’s “a little bit of everything,” says Frank, who, when asked what he does for a living says — guess what? “A little bit of everything.”

“There’s not much demand for anything I do,” Frank says with a laugh. He laughs quite a lot for a guy whose talents are supposedly not in demand."
A great host, sitting around the wood stove smoking and shooting the breeze with his buddies. Straight out of Norman Rockwell.

The article doesn’t mention the concrete lawn ornaments. But he has a workshop to make those, too. We bought a rabbit to bring home and either desensitize the dog or make him go hoarse from barking. Either might be good.
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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade – This Old House

Cutting grass cleanly with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Maintain a Lawn Mower:

How to Mow a Lawn:

How to Use a String Trimmer:

Shopping List for Sharpening a Lawn Mower Blade:
– blade balancer

Tools for Sharpening a Lawn Mower Blade:
– ratchet wrench with socket
– metal file
– drill/driver
– blade-sharpening stone
– angle grinder or bench grinder
– putty knife
– leather work gloves, used to hold mower blade

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