With the assistance of a self-propelled lawn mower, it has become very easy and quicker to mow the lawn and at the same time it reduces the fatigue of the user. It has totally removed the element of pushing all through the grass. Bear in mind that each thousand square meter of lawn you mow is equal to two or three kilometer of walk.

The main benefits of a self propelled lawn mower are mentioned underneath:

Effortless to Operate – Even Elderly People Can Use it with Ease

Anyone can do the lawn mowing with at most ease as it’s simple to operate a self propelled lawn mower. Moreover, a lawn mower is the right tool for elderly people and for those having less mobility as these lawn mowers take off the hard work from the lawn mowing task. You don’t have to sweat it out, just let the mower do the tough work of lawn mowing.

Need to Toil Lesser

You will not get tired when mowing the lawn as it will burn up less amount of your energy. All you have to do is just lead the mower through. This self-propelling feature is truly a blessing during hot summer season.

Ideal for Complex Landscapes

Certainly, it is very tiresome to push a traditional petrol powered lawn mower up on a hill, slope or rough land. It’s best to use a self-propelled mower on these areas so that it easily performs most of your lawn mowing and makes the whole task stress-free. It does a fantastic job on weed-filled patches, hard and thick grasses as you don’t require doing all the pushing work.

These lawn mowers are just perfect for gardens that have slopes, hills, small estate or rough landscape. Without doubt, this modern machine has made the life of people much easier than ever before and buying a lawn mower is worth every penny.

Curious to know how self-propelled lawn mower works. Just go through the below listed details.

* It’s very easy to start the mower as these models come equipped with a simple key start option where the user have to merely turn the key.
* A user requires pressing a bar to engage the wheels of the self-propelled mower.
* To get the two wheels rotating, this lawn mower has a drive system that contains a gear box, a wheel drive, and a belt drive.
* Users don’t have to use force to push a self-propelled mower because when the drive system is started, the mower propels itself. Thus, all the user has to do is to walk after it and steer all through.

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NOTEMBEB 22, 1900. The Weekly Florists’ Review* lis INSECTICIDES. NlkoteeB. Qoea not Injure the most Eensl- tive plants. Endorsed by prominent florists. Used for fumigation or spraying, Indoors or out. too lbs. of tobacco In one pint of Nlko- teen. Sold by seedmen. Circular free. Skabcura Dip Co.. Chicago. Slu« Shot kills insects on currants, etc. In use since 1880. Is effective and safe to Use. Sold by seedsmen everywhere. Send for free booklet on bugs and bll&hts to B. Hammond, FlshklU-on-Hudson. N. Y. Rose Leaf extract of tobacco will save you money. For free booklet write Kentucky To- bacco Product Co., Louisville, Ky. LAWN MOWERS. Clipper Lawn Mower Co.. Norrlstown, Pa. Coldwell Lawn Mower Co., Newburgh, N. T. POTS. standard Pots. We are now ready to supply a superior quality of pots In unlimited quan- tities. Catalogues and price lists furnished on application. A. H. Hews & Co., North Cambridge, Mass. Standard Flower Pots. If your greenhouses are within 600 miles’ of the Capitol, write us; we can save you money. W. H. Ernest, 28th and M. Sts., N. E., Washington. D. C. Flower Pots of all kinds. Standard Pots a specialty. List and samples free. Swahn Pottery Mfg. Co., Box 78, Minneapolis, Minn. Factory, Marshall and 25th Ave., N. E. Flower Pota. Before buying write us for prices. Geo. Keller & Son, 361-363 Herndon St. (near Wrlghtwood Ave.), Chicago. Red Standard Pots, wide bottoms, well burn- ed and porous. Reduced prices. Harrison Pottery, Harrison, Ohio. For the best Plant Tubs, address Mann Bros., 6 Wabash Ave., Chicago. , Columbia plant tubs. Invalid Appliance Co., lBO-160 Vedder St.. Chicago. Wilmer Cope & Bro., Lincoln University, Pa. Red pots. Jacobs & Landis, Colesburg, la. WhlUdin Pottery Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. POT HANGERS. Krick’s Flower Pot Ranger. Just the thing to display your plants by hangrlng them on the walls, etc., especially when crowded for room. No. 1 will fit 2 to 6-in. pots, 30c per doz.; No. 2, 5 to 8-ln.. 40c per dozen.; No. 3, 8 to 12-ln., 60c per doz. Sample pair, 10c postpaid. W. C. Krlck, 1287 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. PRINTING. f J. Horace McFarland Co.. Specialists In Hor- ticultural^ "The Classified Advs. bring big returns" is the verdict of the advertisers. RAFFIA. state your wants and will quote price. August Rolker &Sons, 52 Dey St., N. Y. A, :t SPHAGNUM MOSS. Sphagnum Ju*t from the swamps, prime qual- Ity. W. W. ftarnard & Co., 161 Klnzie St. Chicago. L. B. Brague, Hinsdale, Mass. • O. W. Lyons, Babcock, Wis. WIRE WORK. C. A. Kuehn. 1122 Pine St.. St. Louis. Mo., Manufacturers of the Patent Wire Clamp Floral Designs. A full line of supplies al- ways on hand. Write for catalogue. Reed & Keller, 122 W. 26th St., New York. Manufacturers of Wire Designs. E. H. Hunt, 76-78 Wabash Av., Chicago. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN FLORISTS. • -.’ f ■ Plant Registration. ‘ ■ ‘ • – -‘. The F. R. Pierson Company, Tarry- town, N. Y., register new fern Nephrole- pis Pierson i; a sport from the type of Nephrolepis exaltata known as the Bos- ton fern. The pinnse are subdivided so that each has the appearance of the full frond in miniature, giving a beautiful crested effect; otherwise the plant is identical with the Boston fern. WM, J. STEWART, See’y. FROM OUR ENGLISH EXCHANGES. The Gardenen* Magazine* Beetles and cockroaches:—To extermi- nate bettles and cockroaches no small amount of patience and persistence is necessary. There are several arsenical preparations to be obtained, and these are effective for a few nights, but the pests soon fight shy of the traps, and some new ones have to be laid to insure any measure of success. As an a t r- natlve to the foregoing, mix some Brse- nlc with honey and place small porilons on pieces of paper, laying thesA about the floor and beds. Arsenic mixad w.th boiled potato is also effective. Great care must be taken that no chlldre.a nor domestic animals are allowed to gh near these baits. It is invariably a g od pan when trapping beetles or cockroaches to place a few basins of water about the house where the pests abound; thefvessel must be of glass or glazed ware, and be half filled either with water^^r wi.h water in -which a little honejr^r sugar has been mixed. One or two basins may be placed on the floor wltk a few strips of wood, from half an inch to an inch wide, placed around and with one end resting on the edge of the ba^in to en- able the cockroaches to ascend. Glazed ware effectually prevents the pests from climbing out once they have fallen in. As additional traps, sink one or two basins in the floor or bed so that the rim is level with the surrounding sur- face. These water traps are exceedingly simple but very effectual, and should always be used either /with or without other means. / -Summer Bedders In the Zoological Gardens:—Mr. Young / has evidently a strong affection for n/ilxtures of p’.ants, both in beds and borpers; but" he shuns the tasteless "mixture that has been so common in private ^nA public gardens during the past fifteen y^ars cr so, and h». is also pareful to so arrange the beds that the aeverar groups differ materfa- y froik e&ch other. In a border near the entrance on the north slde^ of the gar- dens fc a beautiful arrangement of flne foliageSpIants, such as acalyphas, drac- aenas, tradescantias, and other occu- panjcs of-the plant stove, and, as they Upd all in the most robust 9tate of ealth, and highly colored, the effect i i exceedingly rich and beautiful. In one group of beds not far from the lion house, Celosla pyramldalls is used with much taste ap«h-judgment, and the large superbly developed inflorescences ia crimson and gold produce an impression not easily ifemoved from the mind. The beds were original, y devoted chiefly to vi- olas, and as these began to wane the ce- lostas were planted among them, and as these in their turn are now losing their freshness they wi 1 soon be removed to make way for Madame Desgrange and ^ other early chrysanthemums. Fuchsias are freely used set in a carpet of plants of lowly growth, but in every case the carpeting plants have been selected with due regard to the color of the flowers of the fuchsias. Zonal palargoniums ha.ve also been fully iitillzed, but these are in all cases associated with plants remark- able for elegance of aspect, that assist to tone down the brilliant colors of the flowers of the zonals. Qrevlllea robusta is the most generally planted with the pelargoniums, and the thin veil of green- ery which their feathery foliage throws over the brightly colored flowers Is in- describably beautiful. Again we flnd red- leaved cannas and the golden privet in association, and the "mixture" so pro- duced Is distinct and effective, the effect being grreatly enhanced by the rich scar- let flowers of the cannas. PARIS, KY.—Fire destroyed 20,000 bushels dfr grass seed in the warehouse of R. B. Hutch- craft recently. LAWRENCE, L. I.—The pupils of the local high school held a flower show Nov. 9. Of the 510 small plants distributed last spring 340 were shown in bloom. Cash prizes amounting to $180 were distributed.

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Mention Tlia Rsview when yoa write. GARLAND’S IRON GUTTER

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