There are many possibilities when it comes to making your garden look improved. At the same time, you can use these improvements to thwart soil from being washed away keeping the weeds from intruding into, and ruining your garden. Try looking for motivating landscape edging ideas presented in decorating magazines or by picking up some ideas from your gardener.

There are also several do it yourself ways to create decorative edges around your landscape, that end up being more exceptional and creative too. If you plan to buy decorative landscape edging, you’ll find a wide selection available that can help you create just the look you’re hoping for. The most economical styles are made of plastic, but they often look quite nice once they’re put into place around your yard.

This is principally essential if you are compassing for your new landscape plans and want to move assured items. This help would be of good use if you are scheduling a vast landscape plan and get the work done quicker. Now that you are well equipped in terms of plans, supplies, aide, you will now be improving your place and it will prove to be a good savings to your property. It will be a enduring effort and pleasing too.

These usually use wooden edging to make the borders but there are now many lightweight replacements for these that are easier to work with and less pricey. Another landscape edging idea includes putting colored bricks around your trees while keeping the earth around them open and exposed. Usually this area around the tree has cedar chips thrown over it to cover the dirt. In this way it will be providing coverage and attractiveness while accenting the beauty of your trees. This also keeps grass and weeds from overgrowing your trees.

Some gardeners will suggest the landscape edging idea of using plastic piping to edge the lawn, in this way keeping your lawn from spreading into your driveway and potentially destroying the paved surface.

Or you can use your landscape edging to make your flowerbeds look good-looking; your sidewalks keep the grass from overgrowing onto them. There are many landscaping companies that will cheerfully pay attention to your landscape edging idea and suggest what materials to use and how best to line your flower garden, driveway or rock garden.

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The Monastery – Ad Deir
Al Khazneh is one of the most elaborate temples in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra. As with most of the other buildings in this ancient town -including the Monastery- this structure was carved out of a sandstone rock face. It has classical Greek-influenced architecture, and is a popular tourist attraction.


Al Khazneh was originally built as a mausoleum and crypt at the beginning of the 1st Century AD during the reign of Aretas IV Philopatris. Its Arabic name Treasury derives from one legend that bandits or pirates hid their loot in a stone urn high on the second level. Significant damage from bullets can be seen on the urn. Local lore attributes this to Bedouins, who are said to have shot at the urn in hopes of breaking it open and spilling out the "treasure"—but the decorative urn is in fact solid sandstone). Another legend is that it functioned as a treasury of the Egyptian Pharaoh at the time of Moses (Khaznet Far’oun).

Many of the building’s architectural details have eroded away during the two thousand years since it was carved and sculpted from the cliff. The sculptures are thought to be those of various mythological figures associated with the afterlife. On top are figures of four eagles that would carry away the souls. The figures on the upper level are dancing Amazons with double-axes. The entrance is flanked by statues of the twins Castor and Pollux who lived partly on Olympus and partly in the underworld.

In popular culture

The Treasury has appeared in many Hollywood movies, gaining particular fame after being featured in climactic scenes in the popular 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which it is represented as the entrance to the final resting place of the Holy Grail near Hatay.

More recently, the Monastery (Arabic: Ad Deir), which is also located within Petra and often confused with The Treasury, appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) as the hidden Tomb of the Primes. In the film, the location of the structure was originally thought to have been in Egypt, but dialogue within the movie suggests it to be in modern-day Jordan.

Ancient Megastructures: Petra, a television series from National Geographic Channel, is dedicated to the Khazneh, explaining how it was created through human resourcefulness and courageous endeavour.

The Treasury is also depicted in Hergé’s The Red Sea Sharks, one of the Adventures of Tintin, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Sky 1 travel series An Idiot Abroad, and the history series The Naked Archeologist.

In Ubisoft’s 2007 videogame Assassins Creed, the relief where Altaïr confronts the Templar Grandmaster Robert de Sable in Solomon’s Temple appears remarkably similar to, and is modeled after, the Al Khazneh Treasury []
By Jorge Lascar on 2012-09-07 15:17:17
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