A wheelbarrow is one of the best tools you could ever obtain for your home. With time you’ll make more use of a wheelbarrow than almost any single tool.

At first glance a wheel barrow may seem to bea fairly simple gadget. It’s merely a tub situated on a wheel with 2 handles to push it. Nevertheless the invention of the wheel barrow was amongst the most significant improvements in the record of construction.

Carrying heavy loads manually is an extremely difficult thing to do. It is slow-moving and cumbersome plus it results frequently in back injuries. Before the creation of the wheel barrow many heavy loads were transported by hand.

However a simple product which permitted anyone to place a weight on a base located over a wheel where the weight of the load was transported through the wheel rather than through the man driving was obviously a dramatic enhancement in the ability of mankind to transport heavy loads.

It’s not known when wheelbarrows were originally invented but there’s documentary proof they were in use around 2000 years ago.

Whilst they have gone through many alterations in design over that period there is no doubt the modern result, namely the single wheel wheel barrow, is still as helpful as it has ever been.

When you think about it a wheelbarrow is a simple device. It’s simply a platform or a container located above or a little behind the wheel with 2 handles so that the driver can pick it up and move it around. There are variants on this, however this is the basic design. Variants can include such things as 2 wheels instead of one, which allows the person pushing a wheelbarrow to carry an increased weight with better balance.

Although it is a straightforward idea it’s probably just about the most useful which has ever been devised for the home garden enthusiast or for the builder.

The same as in the past the modern wheelbarrow is a fantastic way to transport heavy loads from place to place with minimum risk of injury and with minimum effort. The average gardener or builder can do a lot more work in a single day when he uses a wheel barrow to move some of his heavy loads rather than trying to carry the weight himself.

So if you are a willing gardener, or maybe an owner builder, or possibly a nurseryman or someone else who needs to tranport heavy loads make sure you buy yourself a wheel barrow to do it. You’re going to get the job done quicker, easier and with less risk of harm, and you will forever be thankful for choosing a really useful tool. A wheelbarrow

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Image from page 30 of “Vick’s wholesale price list for 1918” (1918)
Identifier: vickswholesalepr1918jame
Title: Vick’s wholesale price list for 1918
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: James Vick’s Sons (Rochester, N.Y.) Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seeds Catalogs Flowers Catalogs Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs Vegetables Catalogs Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs
Publisher: Rochester, N.Y. : James Vick
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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ilac 25 2 50 Pinnata, white, blooms all summer 15 2 00 VICKS WHOLESALE PRICE LIST 25 CANDYTU FT—Continued Per 01. Per lb. Mixed colors (annual sorts) $0 15 $1 25 Perennial—Iberis Gibraltarica 1-16 oz., 20 cents 2 00 sempervirens, white . . . 1-16 oz., 20 cents 2 00 CANNA (Indian Shot). Madam Crozy 40 Crozys New Hybrids, mixed in splendid variety 40 Latest named varieties, mixed 30 4 00 CARDIOSPERMUM (See Balloon Vine) CARDINAL CLIMBER. % oz., 60 cts.; % oz., $1.00. . . 3 00 CARNATION (See Dianthus). Hardy. Fragrant. Fine for Cutting. Extra fine double, mixed …. 1-16 oz. 25 cts.; 1^ oz., 35 cts. 2 50Dwarf, Early-flowering Vienna, extra fine double, mixed. . . . % oz., 35 cts. 1 25 Dwarf, Early-flowering Grenadin, double, bright scarlet, extra fine-. . , y$ oz.,45 cts.; ^ oz., 80 cts. 3 00 Perpetual-flowering. Bloom First Season. Marguerite, White Y£oz., 20c. 1725 Pure yellow yi oz., 20c. 1 25 Mixed 75 Giant, or Malmaison, mixed, extra large-flowered strain . *4 oz-> 25c. 1 50

Text Appearing After Image:
CARNATION, MARGUERITE Empress Candytuft and Marguerite Carnation are two of our specialties. Try them. a6 VICKS WHOLESALE PRICE LIST CANTERBURY BELL (Campanula Medium). Per 02. Per lb. Single Light Pink, beautiful % oz., 15 cts. $0 50 Single varieties mixed, • 25 $2 50 Double varieties mixed X oz-» ^5c 1 00 Calycanthema (Cup and Saucer), mixed }4 oz > 35c. 1 25 CASTOR BEANS—See Ricinus. CELOSIA—Feathered. See also Cockscomb. plumosa superba, beautiful crimson feathered . . . 1-8 oz., 15c. 75 Thompsons feathered (Thompsoni Magnifica) . . 1-8 oz., 15c. 75 Pride of Castle Gould (extra fine) 1-32 oz., 50c. 10 00 Chinese Woolflower 1-4 oz., 30c. 1 00 Choice Varieties, mixed 40 CENTAUREA Americana, lilac X oz-» 15c. 40 Americana alba ……. . % oz., 30c. 1 00 Candidissima, heavy seed 1-8 oz., 50c; X oz-» 80c. ^ 50 Gymnocarpa, very fine X oz-> ^Oc. 60 Cyanus (Bachelors Button, Blue Bottle, Corn Flower) mixed colors 20 2 00 Double, dark blue 1-4 oz., 20c. 65 Emperor William, d

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