If you are planning to get a lawn mower to tame that overgrown backyard of yours, have you considered getting a used lawn mower instead of a brand new one?

In times like this, it’s always a good idea to find ways to save your hard-earned money. Buying a used lawn mower can reduce a lot of your upfront costs, and you can find a good pre-owned lawn mower if you know what to look out for when buying one.

Here are some simple tips you can use to help put you on the right track when evaluating lawn mowers for sale…

As always, you must begin with the end in mind. So take a good look at the size of your lawn, what kinds of obstacles are found in the lawn, and also think about how much physical effort you are willing to endure when mowing the lawn.

Each of these factors will affect your final choice between the various types of lawn mowers available. If you want to have an easy time, then you’ll need to get a self-propelled mower. And if you don’t even want to walk around the lawn, you can get one of those riding lawn mowers and just drive it around while it does the cutting for you.

If you are buying the used lawn mower online, make sure you read the description carefully, and note if there are any existing issues with the machine. Contact the seller and ask more probing questions if the original description is not as detailed as you would like it to be. This is not the time to be coy about asking questions!

You will want to know the exact model of the mower, as well as its age. Does it have any existing problems? Has it broken down before? Are there any leaks or is the machine making unusual sounds? Why is the seller putting the mower on the market? Is the warranty still in force? Does it still have the instruction manual?

And very importantly, is the seller giving you some sort of warranty himself? For example, can you return the mower for a refund if it breaks down within the first week after receiving it?

Try to get everything down in writing if you can. It will help to prevent any unnecessary misunderstanding in the future and will help you should anything go wrong.

Once you can get hold of the machine, do a check of the entire mower. Is everything as described? What is the condition of the engine and cutting blades? Can it cut the grass sharply on the first pass?

Check for leaks, and the overall condition of the other parts and joints. Make sure everything seems to be holding up well and does not appear to be falling apart anytime soon.

In conclusion, if you do all of the above you can be reasonably sure your used lawn mower is in decent condition, and is one you can consider buying.

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Good use of the old riding lawn mower
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Buying used MTD mower DON’TS

In this video I’m trying to show you some of the pointers that I use whenever I’m
out looking for used mowers. There’s a lot of design flaws that are inherent with some of these mowers and in this video I’m showing you an older MTD design which covers quite a few mowers like the Yard Man some of the Husky brands and some of the Yard Man series which now are defunct . I find that most of the fault with the mower is based on two things and that is previous owners not making the correct repairs also, and mainly, the way the desk engages the belt and blades whenever it is lowered as one smooth operation however when cutting grass the belt has a tendency to slip which is not good whenever you’re needing to maintain blade speed to cut heavier grass.