Are you looking for a mower that is fast and efficient? Do you want the best results for lawn care? Consider purchasing a zero turn mower.
What they are
Zero turn mowers, are mowers that have a zero turning radius. This is achieved through different means depending on the model and brand of the machine. The most common means is the application of hydraulic speed control on each of the drive wheels.
Most modern machines have four wheels. The front tires are small and can swivel. The two back tires are large and are considered the drive tires.
The steering controls vary depending on brand and model. However, most modern machines feature two throttles instead of a steering wheel. These are used to control the direction of each of the two drive wheels as well as their rotational speeds.
What Makes Them So Special
There are many benefits of using zero turn mowers over others:
1. Increased maneuverability
Each drive wheel on the machine has a motor. This provides the driver with great maneuverability as each wheel can be controlled independently. The driver can therefore drive in just about any direction by shifting the throttles.
2. Faster
They will help you spend less time mowing the grass. They are known to mow the same space within half the time that others take. This is mainly attributed to their greater maneuverability. You can get around obstacles much faster and change direction with greater ease.
3. Better results
If you want to achieve a professionally manicured lawn, then zero turn mowers are the best option for you. The blade tip speed is much higher than that of regular machines. This means you’ll get a better cut and the result will look much better than if you chose to use regular mowers.
4. Lower consumption of fuel
You can save money in the long run with this equipment. Since you will spend less time mowing, you will find that you use less fuel to achieve the desired results.
5. Machines that last longer
Purchasing and maintaining equipment often can be very costly. You don’t have to worry about this with these machines. Because they allow you to use a shorter duration to care for your lawn, there is less wear and tear on them compared to their average counterparts. Your mower will therefore last much longer.
6. Less yard trimming required
You don’t have to spend as much time trimming your yard as you would when you use a regular machine. The increased maneuverability ensures that you can get really close to objects around the lawn.
7. Improved mulching
The high speed blade tip ensures that you chop leaves and other materials better. This means that you will achieve more efficient mulching.
Purchasing a z-turn mower is definitely a wise choice if you want the best results in the shortest time possible.

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Golden Stihl
eXmark zero-turn mower was on the trailer of a friend of mine when it caught fire and burned everything up on his trailer!
By Bailiwick Studios on 2014-09-05 10:01:10
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Choosing a Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn mowers can provide landowners efficient and comfortable mowing, but the options are virtually endless. Because they can cut mowing time nearly in half, zero-turn mowers are a great investment for anyone maintaining a large lawn.

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