Decorative aggregate rock is one of the best materials for landscaping, and creative natural design. With all the exciting blends and colors available, it is easy to make yards and gardens come alive with color, texture, and to make the scenery you love to look at a reality, no matter where you live.

Aggregate rocks are used many ways, including in flowerbeds, as ground cover, and for paving walkways. This rock trim can be integrated as a decorative concrete topping, and are a designer’s best friend for versatility. It is a green, eco-friendly product that requires little care, and virtually no water or tedious maintenance. Using aggregate rock for landscaping is a cost effective alternative to wood mulching that requires care and replacement. Rock is permanent, and can be used above ground and around ponds with pond safe rock materials. Decorative aggregate rock is purchased in small quantities by the bag, or in bulk for large quantities.

With the many exciting choices of decorative aggregate rock on the market, landscapers can design whatever look they want, from desert to high mountain, valley or riverbed. They can use the colorful materials to enhance natural surroundings, or create a “happy place” that is totally different from the local geography. In some areas that are very arid, green aggregate rock is used instead of hard to grow grass. There is less maintenance, and rocks do not die off in bad or dry weather. A commonly used decorative aggregate rock is the familiar white marble chips that people put next to their homes, along walkways, and in flowerbeds. Red or black lava rocks bring drama to the landscape, and river rock is used for driveways and paths.

Color is important to design, and rocks have all the colors of nature, from pink and gray, to gold and sand colors. Crushed river rock and oversize river rock find their way into yards and gardens in every locality. Sizes of aggregate rock vary from pea gravel to large rocks. The landscaper knows how to install the rock properly, so it will not wash out or become easily displaced.

The top ten decorative aggregate rock selections include: pink and gray slate, white marble, river rock, red and black lava, green, golden, and colored stones, river rock, sand pebble, Spanish tile, limestone chips, and granite. Add color, enhance design, and create a wonderland with affordable decorative aggregate rock.

Author resides in Portland, Oregon and writes articles based on personal interests and experiences.

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