Choose Your Tree Wisely

Before you plant a tree, you should find out everything you can about it. Ask yourself these questions: How messy is this tree (as in our example)? How much of a problem will the roots pose? How wide will it get or how tall will it grow? Will I be able to prune it myself or will I have to hire professionals, thus raising the  cost?

In this article, we will discuss a few trees you can plant that will be suitable for a small garden or your patio area. Before you go out to your nursery to purchase your tree, take a moment to observe your patio or garden decor. Trees do have their own personality and you should choose one that will “fit in” accordingly.

The Rain Is Golden

If a tree had manners, it would be the Goldenrain Tree. During the summertime, this tree produces bright yellow clusters of flowers adding more beauty to your small garden or patio decor. If you were to plant this tree, expect it to grow 25 feet to 35 feet high. Another great feature to this tree is that it will grow in many different climates but notably in zone 5 or minus 20 degrees fahrenheit.

Magnolias Are A Favorite

When it comes to a great deciduous tree, one of the all time favorite is the southern magnolia. This tree produces white flowers that are fragrant and large. The flowers this tree bears can grow up to twelve inches in diameter. The southern magnolia is great for those mild winter climate zones, (zone 7 or 0 degrees Fahrenheit)

Please keep in mind that this tree will grow to 80 feet high, so if you don’t have the room in your garden, you could use the dwarf varieties.

Remember This And You Will Succeed

Your overall objective is to have a functional garden or patio area. You want your shrubs, trees, and overall outdoor decor to have a purpose. Try to stay away from trees that produces sticky sap or foundation destroying roots.

Further your learning on trees and shrubs before committing to any one tree.

Jason Scott is the creator of and would like to encourage you to learn great unique landscaping designs and money saving tips.

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