Toro snowblower. Their  precision equipment and irrigation systems provide an integrated approach to landscape management that no other competitor in the industry can provide.They have a long list of  maintenance equipment product line including mowers, aerators, sprayers, trimmers, blowers, compact utility loaders and vehicles. Water management tools include high technology irrigation systems with computerized controllers, valves, sprinklers, micro-drip irrigation systems, and precision turf management.


Toro snowblowers are regarded by most people as some of the best and the top-selling snow blowers anywhere. The Toro Company is considered as a manufacturing expert in  snowblowers.

Anyone looking for a snow blower should definitely check out models from Toro. The company has been producing reliable and highly durable snow equipments for a long time now.  Due to the wide range of products they currently have listed , they cater to a wide array of clients from irrigation engineers, agriculture experts, and of course, the homeowners. The company is proud to offer one of the best and the most established sales and service systems through their worldwide operations.

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The company offers many different types of snowblowers such as electric models, single-stage gas models, and two-stage gas models. The electric models don’t need  oil and gas. They come in smaller more compact and easy to handle designs, and are also very lightweight. These models are perfect for little  snow jobs such as for clearing snow from decks, sidewalks, and stairs. Toro also offers an impressive collection of singe-stage snow blowers. Their single-stage snow blowers are a breeze to handle and are backed by powerful gas engines. Toro snowblowers have a  great throw distances  and the fact that their machines clears snow all the way to the pavement. Depending on the size of your driveway, Toro also offers two-stage snow blowers. These two-stage models are equipped with extreme power for heavy work, great throw distances, multiple speeds, and the widest clearing paths in the industry.

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Old Mower
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New TORO Lawnmower WON’T START. LAWNBOY style – KOHLER ENGINE. HOW TO FIX – clean the carburetor

A 1 year old TORO Lawnmower WON’T START. Jeff’s Little Engine Service show how to remove and clean the carburetor on a Newer TORO Lawnmower with a 6.75 Horsepower KOHLER Engine. SAME AS LAWNBOY. Lawn boy. Lawnmower will not start after storage. Won’t start after sitting. HOW TO clean the carburetor on a TORO Lawn mower with a Kohler engine. Fix repair.
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