Top 10 Gardening Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
These are the top 10 gardening mistakes new beginners make.

1. Start out too big. Trying too much at one time. Start out with a few vegetables you like first.
2. Know when to start your seeds. Some people start their vegetables too early or too late.
3. Know what grows good in your area.
4. Watering. Some people over water, some under water.
5. Know how and what kind of fertilizer your plants need
6. Pest management. Just because you have pests, does not mean you need to kill all of them.
7. Don’t ignore the soil’s health. Your plant’s health starts with healthy soil.
8. A lot of people don’t use mulch. It’s very important
9. Know the sun and where it is in your yard and set your plants out accordingly.
10. Plant depth and spacing. Know how much space each plant needs.

Fuchsia, Azalea and Rose
A week or so after moving into the new flat winter kicked in with a vengeance. The fuchsia (on the left) took a real hammering and we were unsure if it would survive. It’s just about possible to see how the rose encroaching on the azalea.
By Rathgild on 2010-11-29 12:39:39