There are many different reasons for someone to purchase a riding lawnmower. Perhaps their health no longer allows them to push a mower or maybe they have moved to a new house that has a much larger yard. Whatever the reason, deciding to purchase a riding lawn mower deserves some research. Before actually buying one, this article will give some tips to help you with such an important decision.

Naturally, you should know the actual size of your yard, which can help you determine what size lawnmower engine you will need and what cutting width is needed for the lawn mower blades. As a general rule, if the area you need to mow is from one half to one acre in size, then you should consider an engine that has a minimum of 14.5 horsepower and a maximum cutting width of 42 inches. If you have a yard that is one to two acres in size, then the cutting width should generally be from 42 to 46 inches and the engine between 14.5 and 16 horsepower.

As a general rule of thumb, a yard that consists of more than three acres might be better serviced with a garden tractor. While both the garden tractor and riding lawn mower complete the same basic functions, the garden tractor can also be used with a snow plow or snow blower. It can also pull a plow, tiller, disc harrow and a number of other lawn and garden tools.

Once you have taken care of the bigger decisions, the smaller ones are a little easier. You will need to choose whether you would prefer a gear driven or automatic riding mower.

This is normally based on the number of obstacles, such as trees, patios or gardens that are in your yard. An automatic mower is great for yards that have a great deal of obstacles, while a gear driven one is perfect for a yard with less obstacles. You can then decide what type of accessories or attachments you want.

In order to avoid injury be sure that you understand the safety precautions fully and that you always follow them. Avoid allowing children to ride on mowers or to operate the mower, as it is very easy for them to fall off, which may result in a serious or fatal accident.

Do not run the riding mowers around people if possible, as you may run over something that can be flung out and cause injury to anyone in the area. Try to be sure that all potentially hazardous or dangerous debris, such as pine cones, rocks, toys or other tools are cleared from the lawn before you start mowing. Choosing the right riding lawn mower, such as one of the Toro lawn mowers, and following all safety precautions will help ensure that you will enjoy the mower for years to come.

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Winter’s lawn mower
photo365 – Day 194

As I was mowing the grass, for the second time this week mind you, a thought crossed my mind. Regardless of the season, yard work requires power tools. 😉

Just to set the scale, the front opening of our snow blower is 28 inches high. 😉

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