Some people enjoy the sweat and the work out from using manual garden tools while others prefer the ease of usage and speed conferred by powered garden tools. The size of your garden will determine the type of tools you need. There is no point getting big powered tools for a small lawn. Powered tools in general confer speed and power. Some small powered tools are useful even for a small garden. If you considering or have decide to buy a set of powered garden tools, take a moment and find out what you should look out for.

The common large powered garden tools are lawn mower, powered saw and leaves blower. For small garden, these may be not necessary. However, most people will benefit from having powered shears as it provides power for cutting thick stems and branches, which are common gardening tasks.

Cordless grass Shears

For small jobs, a cordless grass shears is ideal. Cordless grass shears are perfect for the inaccessible where a lawn mower cannot reach such as landscaped or raised flowerbeds. With this, you can easily trim the overgrown grass that is close to your flowers and shrubs without worries. When shopping around for cordless grass shears, look for batteries, which provide the maximum amount of cutting per each battery charge. Nickel cadmium battery is preferred, as it is long lasting as well as safe to use and store.

Tips For Selecting Electric Pruning Shears

Electric pruning shears are ideal for those who have a large and well-planted garden that requires a lot of pruning to do every now and then. The electric pruning shears offer speed as well as ease in cutting down even the most difficult branches or plants.

The first thing to consider for selecting a pair of electric pruning shears is the quality of the blades. The shears should have carbon-steel blades that are strong and rust resistant. Secondly, choose a size that is suitable for maneuvering around your work area. This is a very important safety consideration for an electric shears. Too big and it will be too cumbersome to use. It is very easy for the uninitiated to cause an accident. Buy one that you can handle comfortably.

There are two types of cutting blades to choose from. The first is the straight – edged blade shears, gives the best cut. Then, there is the serrated blade shears for cutting ornamental grass.

Extra Power

For big jobs, the additional power of pneumatic tools may be necessary. There are pneumatic powered pruning shears available. The cutting actions of a pneumatic pruning shears are driven by compressed air.

Personal Protect Gear

For your own safety, you should wear protective gears when handling any powered tools. These include face shield, goggle, gloves and safety boots.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about electric pruning shears, please visit Lawn And Garden Tools.

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