Many people are proud owners of John Deere mowers. The reason behind this is that this company is one of the more popular manufacturers of different kinds of lawn mowers. Aside from that, many people are indeed satisfied with the kind of products they introduce to the market. Though these mowers are considered one of the toughest in the field, you will also need to do some routine maintenance for them at some point. In particular, you may need to buy new John Deere mower parts to ensure that it will continue to serve its purpose with utmost quality.

One of the advantages in using a popular mower brand is that you won’t have a hard time finding parts for it. Many stores sell mower parts for mowers manufactured by John Deere since they know that they would not have any hard time in selling them. Such parts actually would not stay in their storage for a long period of time, since a lot of people use mowers made by John Deere. In other words, selling these kinds of parts is good business for them since it gets sold right away.

For your John Deere mower parts needs, it is always best that you tap a particular shop that you can trust to provide you with them. This way, you can immediately call them in urgent times, to see if they have the parts that you need. Of course, there would be times when the shop would not have the parts that you need. If you need the parts in the shortest time possible, then what you can do first is to ask them the price of parts, so that you can take note of it.

Once you already jotted down the prices of the mower parts that you need, you can actually call different mower parts dealers so that you can compare their prices. In finding other dealers other than the one that you already trust, you need to do some research about their background first, just to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. It is best that you ask your friends for their recommendations so that you will have assurance that the shops your calling can be trusted.

You can also gather phone numbers of shops by checking the classified ads portion of your daily newspaper. By doing this though, you would not have any assurance that they are reputable.

Once you find the shop that can provide you with the John Deere mower parts that you need at reasonable price, then your next step is to visit them. If you do not have any experience in checking the parts for its quality, it is best that you bring a friend with you who does, so that he will be able to scrutinize it further. Follow these tips, so that you will be able to acquire the parts that you need in good condition.

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No More Mowing
An old John Deere pull mower.
By BugMan50 on 2006-11-13 18:04:24
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Mowing With the John Deere 210

This has probably been one of my most anticipated videos. I bought my old John Deere 210 in late summer 2012 and was having issues with the wiring harness and the seat safety switch, so the 39 mower deck on it would not run. The deck was in rough shape, so I painted it up and sold it. I had no plans to use the 210 for mowing, but I decided it would be a good backup mower in case my main mower broke down, so I set out to look for another mower deck for it. However, since I have a lot of grass to mow, I wanted a larger 46″ deck.

November of last year, I came across a used but good-condition model 47 (46″) deck which came off a 212. It had a new belt, rebuilt spindles, and all the mounting hardware, for $200. So I grabbed it, had it sandblasted, then waited a while until it warmed up outside. I sanded it down and smoothed it out, welded a couple cracks in the front, and then coated it with automobile primer and what seemed like a hundred coats of Rustoleum JD yellow paint. Also painted the pulleys, springs, the shield, and the discharge chute. Clear coated it and then waxed it, and replaced all the rusty bolts with new ones. Swapped the beat-up gauge wheels with the ones from the 111 deck. Installed a new blade-to-blade belt and a new PTO belt and had some trouble at first, but finally got the tension adjusted properly and had the belts working good. Sharpened the blades and mounted them up, and it was ready to mow the lawn as you see in this video. Enjoy!