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Blue painted cans act as a wall container, Toronto, Canada
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This wall garden was in Parkdale, the west side of downtown Toronto.

Pizza restaurants go through dozens of these cans every week, just ask. The restaurant cans are much larger than anything you would buy yourself and recycle – these cans are 1 gallon, the size of a can of paint.

Painted with rust paint these looked pretty good for two years, the third year I did touch ups on the rust that was showing.

Kinda toxic process – not recommended for edibles, but oh so gorgeous for flowers. Rust paint comes in a dozen colours these days!

The cans are attached to the wall with wire. (Check out a close-up photo and also the overall look of the sidewalk container garden)


First, punch two small holes near the top of the can with a nail or screw. Use a piece of wood to support the edge of the can, position a nail on the metal, and hit with a hammer. The metal of the can is pretty soft. Punch TWO holes to help the can hang straight vertically.

While you’re at it with the nail and hammer, turn the can upside down and punch some holes into the bottom if you have not done so yet.

Next, use a regular drill bit to make holes in the wall. (Brick is pretty soft, the mortar even softer.)

Hammer in a drywal plug and screw in a screw with about a 1/2 inch sticking out. (The holes can be easily filled with colourmatching silicon putty when the cans are removed.)

Cut a piece of wire, bend into a squared off loop shape, and thread from the outside to the inside of the can.

Wrap the wire around the screwhead in the wall just once or twice, and position the wire ends behind the can. Straighten the can to hang vertically and screw the rest of the screw length into the wall to tighten on the wires.

This project was included in the You Grow Girl book. There is also a You Grow Girl Flickr group.

Garden and photos by Magda Wojtyra

This photo has been viewed more than 32,000 times! Keep planting those cans full of flowers. 🙂

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