Some basics regarding riding lawn mowers:

Mowers are available in a lot of variety, size and price ranges. However, before purchasing it, you’ll need to conduct some careful research on it. Some steps to do it is by taking a look at your lawn, your mechanical proficiency, maintenance cost etc.

Following are some of the needful tips to help you with buying a riding lawn mower:

Carefully walk around the lawn and see if it is rough or smooth on the slopes. Consider your physical condition practically and decide if you can mow your lawn by yourself or if you will need to hire a gardener.

Take sufficient time while buying the riding lawn mower, look at the varieties, your budget, warranty of the mower etc. You can also get rid of your old lawn mover and buy a new one with more features, especially the riding feature.

Carefully consider your budget before making any purchase. If your lawn is big in size and if you need to cut more grass at a single time, you can go for a riding lawn mower with wider deck.

These lawn mowers are available with various types of attachments and you can select the one which specifically matches your requirements. You’ll need to decide between electric or gas powered mower.

If you are not familiar with mowers, you can also go for second hand mower. Even a good condition second hand mower can serve you for many years.

You can check on various types and features of the lawn mowers with the dealers either by walking into the showrooms or by visiting their websites.

You will need to select the appropriate one in order to create a beautiful yard. You can also learn a little about servicing these machines by following the instruction manuals which come along with the purchase of a new lawn mower

Some tips for servicing of riding lawn mower are explained below:

The most important step is to clean the debris from the deck and the blades and also blowing the dust from the engine.

Always ensure that the oil is changed and drained properly. This can be done with the help of oil evacuation systems available in the market. The maintenance of the mower is very essential to keep the lawn healthy.

Before the mowing season begins, take it for servicing to check the performance. Pre-cleaners can be fitted to the mower. The pivot points of the mower should be greased well. To prevent corrosion, lubricating and greasing is very necessary, especially during the monsoons.

Sharpening of the blades periodically helps to cut the grasses accurately. Some other steps of servicing are adjusting a new belt, using fuel stabilizers etc.

There are many companies who send their technician for servicing your machine like blade sharpening, greasing, and oil filtering etc for a very nominal fee.


At the time of purchasing riding lawn mower, if your evaluation is perfect, it can serve you for years. While using it, always follow the safety tips like focusing on your work etc. There are many books on lawn mower servicing which are available over the internet.

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Growers and Importers of G&rden and Flower Seeds ALSO GENERAL DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WHITMAN & BARNES MFG. CO.—Lawn Mowers,Hay Tools, Mower Knives, Sections, &c., &c. HENCH & DROMGOLD CO.-Corn Planters, Springand Spike Tooth Harrows, Riding and WalkingCultivators, 3 and 4 Shovel Carolina Cultivators,Fertilizer Distributors, Com Shellers, &c., &c. JOHNSON 8L0CUM CO.—Celebrated HamelessMetalHorse Collars. Write today for Catalogue and prices. Address, KEYSTONE FARM MACHINE CO.—Halloek, Key-stone and Round Tooth V/eeders, Corn Sheller*.Corn Planters, Riding and Walking Cultivators,Swings, Feed Cutters, Fertilizer Distributore, &«. JANESVILLE MACHINE CO.—Disc CultiTat«tB M«Harrows, Corn Planters, &c., &e. AMES PLOW CO.—Garden Tools, &e., &e. GRIFFITH & TURNER CO.. B^LTIMORF. MD. TUENEK-EIOriSS ISTORTH CAJROLnTA ALMAWAg 35

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Different from all others; spreads one-third wider; guaranteed^to PULVERIZE allmanure; not an experiment, having been made for eight years A trial is all we ask. Ifwe can not demonstrate that our machine is BETTER than others,i we do not ask you tobujrit. Results, Our Motto. New Idea Spreader Company V. p. BOWMAfSi, General Agent HAGERSTOWN, MD. SMAET SAYINGS. Tou never have to dun a man who owes▼on a grudge. Everbody expects everybody else to setgood examples. Hard words seldom make an impressionon soft people. Many a man who acts smart is made tosmart for it. Women who talk most usually meanwhat Uiey dont say. The experience a man buys is alwaysdelivered a little too late. Instead of regretting yesterday get busyand do something to-day. The only harmless fools are those inthe hands of the undertaker. Some men get out of practice becausethey spend all their time preaching. When misery is at hand there isntmuch pleasure in remembering formerjoys. Many a mans run-down reputation isdu

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