Push lawn mower is an eco friendly tool that is very useful and efficient when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your garden or backyard. It helps you in various different ways and one excellent advantage of purchasing this equipment is that it very economical and has various great features and functions. This is a better option for you as compared to electric and gas mowers if you have a small backyard or garden. Various well known companies are now manufacturing different models of this manual equipment so that the clients can purchase them according to their requirements.

In this article, I would basically like to tell you about the various advantages of purchasing this efficient manual lawn mower.

1. Eco friendly option
The biggest advantage of this product is that it is eco friendly and it does not produce any kind of pollution, be it air or noise pollution. You can efficiently beautify your garden with this eco friendly option. It is very easy to use and maintaining. If you clean this equipment on a regular basis then it would last for many years.

2. Production of natural mulch
Another great advantage of manual lawn mower is that it helps in the production of natural mulch which is very good for the soil of your garden. If you clean your lawn with this equipment then it would help in nourishing the soil which in turn would help you to grow healthy trees and plants.

3. No consumption of power
People who have purchase this product can really benefit from it because it does not require any kind of power to operate. You do not have to purchase gas or connect the equipment with electrical power. You only have to use your strength to operate this highly efficient equipment. It is a cheaper and good option that does not require great maintenance as many electric lawn mowers.

4. Great Features and functions
The manual lawn mower has a very simple structure containing long handles and cylindrical roller blades that are attached to the basket and wheels. The blades are very sharp and they cut the grass of your lawn very efficiently. You will see that the roller blades rotate with great momentum when you apply power to the equipment.

Well these are some very important things that you must surely keep in mind before you purchase the manual lawn mowers. It would surely help you to maintain your lawn and garden in an efficient manner.

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Sears Craftsman Push Mower
Works well and I cut some of this tall grass with it. Seems pretty sharp, too. Made by Yard Man of Jackson, Michigan, sold by Sears Roebuck.

The Concrete Heritage Museum is losing a long term storage room as the owners of the building would like to renovate it for a future purpose. Much of what we have in there has no real place in our museum so we would like to dispose of it. Offering it to other museums is part of the process, so we hope that some of it will find a home in nearby community museums. Part of it is shown in these pictures today and more will be added later.
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How a push reel mower works – Scotts Classic 20″ example

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