When deciding what gardening tools are right for you it is important to look at the various forms of gardening forks that are available. In this article we will look at three different forks; a Pitchfork, a Manure Fork and one that is referred to as a Broadfork. We will define each of these forks and discuss their many uses.

A pitchfork is defined as an agricultural tool with a long handle and a long, thin, widely separated pointed tines. These tines are also commonly referred to as prongs. Pitchforks are used to lift and pitch loose material such as hay, leaves, manure and bedding from animal stalls. Typically, pitchforks have two or three tines and they are usually made of steel but can also be made from wood.

As mentioned above, pitchforks can be used for many tasks. If for example you have a compost pile a pitchfork is a must-have tool. Using a pitchfork every week to turn the compost pile will ensure that air and moisture are evenly distributed. And if you are just starting a garden a pitchfork is great for turning the soil and breaking the clumps to allow it to aerate.

Manure forks typically have three to five prongs and come with either fiber glass or wooden handles. Fiberglass seems to be the most popular choice mainly because it is light weight and more durable. Manure forks can be used when mulching or moving hay or straw. And if you are into landscaping and have cut back your ornamental grasses, a manure fork can be great for cleaning up your clippings.

Of course the manure forks name speaks for itself. They are great for moving, removing and spreading manure. And while we are on the subject, manure can present you with a great opportunity to add much needed nutrients back to your soil. Just make sure you mix it thoroughly with your manure fork before you add it to your garden or flower beds

A broadfork, or as it is sometime called a U-fork, can be used to manually break up densely packed soil to improve drainage and aeration. The boradfork consists of five or more metal tines which are approximately eight inches long. The tines are spaced a few inches apart on a horizontal bar with two handles forming a U-shape.

When using a broadfork a person wants to step up on the crossbar and dive the tines into the ground using his/her full body weight. They will then step backward while pulling on the handles causing the tines to come up through the soil. Rather than mixing the soil this action leaves the soil layers intact. A broad fork can be used in a garden or on small acreage.

There are many different makes of the above mentioned forks out there. It is very important that you know exactly what you are going to be using these forks for. Prices also vary. As with any purchase that you make, do some research. And the internet is a great place to do just that. There are many internet based companies that sell good quality products. Another source of research is word of mouth. Ask family, friends and neighbors what forks they use and where they purchased them.

There are many gardening tools out there to make what you need to accomplish easier. And these three forks are good ones to have on hand as you tackle and enjoy the gardening tasks ahead of you!


Dave Berning was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ohio. He still enjoys working the land both on the family farm and his own backyard and garden. He owns and operates a lawn and garden supply company with his brother Mark. Visit them at http://www.barnyardproducts.com/

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