John Deere lawn mowers are the product of the innovative ideas of one man. He started his company in 1848. He always insisted on a high standard of quality in all his products and constantly worked to instill the importance of product development and improvement to all his employees. All succeeding presidents of his company have believed in his high standard of quality, which have made the company outstanding in the global marketplace.

There are two types of mowers distributed with his name. There is the push style which you walk behind and the rider version. The push style can be purchased with a recoil or electric starting option. They come with the standard equipment like other push mowers have. That includes a bag, mulch plug and side discharge chute.

They aren’t really push mowers though because they are built to be self propelled so you’re not pushing it, it is pulling you. This makes mowing the lawn a lot easier especially if you have uneven terrain on your property.

There patented Torque Power System combines engine characteristics that enable it to have a stronger pulling capability, efficient cooling system and unbelievable power. They have two different engine sizes which are 24 or 27 HP V-twin and liquid cooled. These features make it easy for these mowers to complete any commercial application.

They’re made with the same conveniences of an automobile. Some of the options are full instrumentation controls, tilt steering wheel, large headlight, taillights and back-up lights, power steering and cruise control. Unfortunately, some of them are also priced just about as much as an automobile. But not to worry they have great financing options and discounts.

You need to think about John Deere lawn mowers if you want a piece of equipment that will last a long time. These mowers are designed with a standard of quality just like all the other equipment manufactured by this company. With their reputation for quality you can’t go wrong. You should be satisfied with either product you choose.

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Title: [Catalog] : spring 1968
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Year: 1968 (1960s)
Authors: Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture), North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Nursery stock, North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Seeds, North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants), North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Vegetables, North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Gardening, North Carolina, Raleigh, Equipment and supplies, Catalogs; Flowers, North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs; Agricultural implements, North Carolina, Raleigh, Catalogs
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WEEV KILLERS – SEEd DISINFECTANTS SOIL FUMIGANT NEMAGOX may be used safely on lawn grasses. Roses. Gardenias. Hibiscus. Ixora and many other shrubs, flowers and vege- tables for" the control of Root Knot and other Nematodes without injurj- to plants. When treating before planting, allow from two to three weeks before planting after applica- tion. NEMAGOX 70 LIQUID. One tablespoon treats 25 sq. ft. 1 quart S5.65; 1 gallon §13.20. postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 quart $5.25; 1 gallon S12.50. NEMAGON 30 GRANULES. One pound treats up to 500 sq. ft. 1 lb. §1.65; 5 lbs. $6.10, postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 lb. $1.29; 5 lbs. $5.50; 25 lbs. SIS.00. WOOD PRESERVERS PENTA-FIX (40% Pentachlorophenol) Mix 1 part Penta-Fix with 10 parts kero- sene or light fuel oil or equivalent petroleum diluent to make Ready-To-Use preservative containing 5% by weight of pentachloro- phenol. For wood preservation and termite control, w-rite for full information. 1 gal. S5.05, postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 gal. $4.25; 5 gal. can $17.08. PENTA-FIX RTU (5% Pentachlorophenol) This is a 5% concentration ready to use for all wood preservative jobs such as fence posts, bridges and lumber for buildings in- cluding residential. The treated wood is not discolored and can be glued, glazed or painted 72 hours after application. Also recommended for termite control. 1 gal. can $2.78, postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 gal. can $1.98. ATLACIDE WEED KILLER Atlacide is specifically intended for control- ling all types of weed and grasses. Manu- factured in powder form, it is readily solu- ble in water for spraying or can be effectively used for dry application. Controls Bermuda Grass, Nut Grass, Johnson Grass and other grasses and weeds. Treated soil should not be disturbed until the following spring. Complete directions will be sent on request. Price: 100 lb. drum $19.50, not prepaid. ORTHO SPOT NUT GRASS CONTROL Spot treatment of nutgrass, crabgrass, sand- spur wdth new effective chemical in shaker canister. Use on bermuda grass lawns and woody perenials as azaleas and camellias to eliminate these pest grasses without injury. Price: 10 oz. canister $1.79, postpaid. ORTHO LIQUID CRAB GRASS KILLER Kills seedlings and mature crab, dallis, and nut grasses. Safe on desirable grasses. Easy to use in ORTHO Spray-ette — mist type sprayer. Prices: Pint bottle, $2.75; Quart bot- tle $4.56, postpaid. ORTHO BRUSH KILLER Kills poison ivy, brush, brambles, poison oak. Specially formulated to kill hardy vines and brush with hormone weed killers that kiU roots and all. Label directions cover foliage spray, stump killing and frill method. Prices: Pint $2.14; Quart $3.53, postpaid. 36 WEEDICIDE WEED KILLER A 2-4-D Amine salt formulation. Contains 4 pounds acid equivalent per gallon. A water soluble formulation for treating small annual weeds that are actively growing. Easier on crops than ester formulation. Will not injure adjoining crops except in case of drift. Recommended for pre-emergence spraying. Prices: 1 gal. can $4.85, postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 gal. can $3.85; 5 gals. $18.00; 30 gals. $100.80. BRAMBLE-WEEDICIDE 5 BRUSH KILLER Contains 2, 4, 5-T (2.87 pounds per gallon) and 2, 4-D (3.0 pounds per gallon) low volatile ester. This product can be used for the control of mixed brush growth in such areas as right-of- ways, fence rows, ditch banks, roadsides and brush covered lots. Can be used to spray either foliage. Basal Bark or stump. One gallon wall make 100 gallons of diluted spray. Gallon $9.40, Postpaid. Not prepaid, Gallon $8.25. BRAMBLCIDE 5 BRUSH KILLER Bramblcide 5 consists of mixed Pentyl Ester of 2, 4, 5-T in an emulsifiable base suitable for use with either water or oil. This product is effective in the control of mesquite, osage orange, wild blackberry and man.v other hard- woods and bramble, Bramblcide 5 is also pre- ferred for basal stem treatment of trees and brush growth. One gallon will make about 100 gallons of diluted spray. Gallon $11.75, postpaid. Not prepaid, Gallon $10.84. AMMATE X WEED AND BRUSH KILLER Ammate X controls undesirable brush, undesir- able hardwood, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. It gives you more for your brush control dollar … it kills more kinds of brush and keeps it down longer. Ammate X provides the safest way to control brush . . . even if you want to use it to kill brush that may adjoin cropland, you can rely on "Ammate" because it is not volatile. There are no vapors to drift onto sensitive crops or foliage. Maintenance crews and applicators can use it without hazard to themselves, livestock or wild life. Prices: 2 lb, bag $1.70; 5 lbs. $3.25, postpaid. Not pre- paid, 2 lbs. $1.29; 5 lbs. $2,59; 60 lb. bag $15.12. IMPROVED WEED-B-GON The Hormone Weed Killer for use against, Dandelion Plantain, Wild Onion in lawns with- out damage to desirable grasses. It also con- trols Poison Oak, Brambles, Poison Ivy, Sumac and Honeysuckle. When mixed at the rate of one pint in one quart of diesel oil or kerosene it will kill stumps. Reseed lawns immediately after application. No waiting necessary. Weed-B-Gon is economical to use. A pint covers up to 4,800 sq. ft. 8 oz. $1.43; Pint $2.14; Quart $3.53. Postpaid. Not Prepaid: 8 oz. $1.19; Pint $1.69; Quart $2.98; Gallon $6.98. ORTHO CHICKWEED AND CLOVER KILLER Ortho Chickweed and Clover Killer contains the proven hormone herbicide 2-4-5 TP. It kills both mouse eared chickweed and common chickweed. Also kills clover and henbit. Since it is a hormone type weed killer acting on the root systems, it is most effective when used on growing weeds. Economical to use. 8 oz. treats 1,400 sq. ft. Prices: 8 oz. can $1.65; Pt. $2.79; Qt. $4.35, postpaid. Not prepaid, 8 oz. $1.49; Pt. $2.49; Qt. $3.75. WEEDEZ Wonder Bar Lawn Weed Killer Pull Weedez bar across lawn by hand or behind mower. It applies a uniform wax film contain- ing 2-4-D Weed Killer that won’t wash off or blow on other plants. No mixing, no heavy bags to lift, no equipment needed. Controls Dandelion, other broad leafs and wild onions. Economical. Covers approximately 20,000 square feet. Each $5.45 postpaid. Not prepaid, each $4.95. TRIOX WEED KILLER Use on driveways, brick walks, paths, tile patios, tennis courts, parking areas, along fence lines, curbs and gutters; around garages, house foun- dations and other structures, where soil can be poisoned and no plant growth wanted. To kill annual weeds and top growth of perennial weeds, use one quart in 20 gallons of water. To poison soil and prevent plant grovirth, use one quart in 10 quarts of water and apply to 75 sq. ft. Quart $1.80, postpaid; Not Prepaid, Quart $1.19; Gallon $3.50; 5 Gals. $16.95. Seed Disinfectants CERESAN L A liquid mercurial seed disinfectant for use in slurry treaters and ready mixed treaters. When applied as di- rected Ceresan L will generally control cov- ered smut, black loose smut, and stripe of bar- ley; Oat smut, stem and covered smut of rye, loose and covered ker- nel smuts of sorghums: kernel and head smuts of millet; stinking smut or bunt of wheat, and reduce infections from surface seed-borne anth- racnose, and angular leafspot of cotton. Cere- san L. is easy to work with and use. It provides good seed coverage and has the vapor action needed to disinfect the cracks, creases and underhuU parts. The residual action continues to protect the seed in the soil. One gallon treats 256 bushels small grains, costs .033 bu. Prices: 5 gallon drum $63.25; 30 gal. $363.00; 55 gaL $643.50, prepaid in N. C.

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ARASAN SF-M A dustless and odorless seed disinfectant. This is good news to commercial seed treaters and farmers. Arasan SF-M vriU not dust off. The farmers will not be troubled with dust when planting seed. Arasan SF-M seed disinfectant offers control of more different diseases on more crops than any other product. Prices: 25 lb. pail $40.25; 100 lb. drum $156.25, deUvered in N. C. ARASAN 75 Seed disinfectant and protectant for the treat- ment of: Corn, Sorghums, Soybeans, Sweet Potato Sprouts, Vegetable Seed, Peanuts, Grasses, Legumes, Rice, Sugar Beets and Gladiolus Btilbs, Arasan 75 destroys many surface seed-borne or- ganisms and protects the seed against certain soil-borne organisms responsible for seed decay. Improves stand and frequently increases yield. Peas. Beans (Lima), and Peanuts. 2 ounces to 100 lbs. of seed. Prices: 2 lb. can $4.78, postpaid. Not prepaid, 2 lb. $4.00; 25 lb. $40.25; 100 lb. drum $156.00. ARASAN 42-S This Thiram Seed Disinfectant and Protectant is a liquid organic fungicide recommended for the treatment of field and sweet corn, sorghum, mil- let, soybeans, rice, grasses, legumes, acid-delinted cotton, gladiolus bulbs and vegetable seed. Ara- san 42-S will usually increase stands and yields by reducing losses from seed decay, damping off and seedling blights caused by many seed- borne and soil-bome organisms. Also a repellent against rodents, rabbits, deer and birds. Prices: 1 gal. $11.90, postpaid. Not prepaid gal. $10.95; 5 gal. $49.00. CERESAN M A dry, practically odorless, seed disinfectant for wheat, oats, rye, barley, cotton, peas, and sorghum. It kiUs certain seed-borne diseases by both contact and vapor 14 oz. can treats 28 bu. of seed grain. 14 oz. $2.50; 3 lb. $6.25, post- paid. Not prepaid, 14 oz. $2.30; 3 lb. $5.85; 40 lb. $65.50; 100 lb. drum $160.00. SEMESAN BEL WS Tests in fifteen states have proved that most potato grow- ers can usually expect better returns from seed potatoes if they treat them with "Semesan Bel." Costs only about 21 cents an acre — generally reduces seed-piece decay, seed-borne scab and Rhizoctonia. No messy soaking—just dip. drain, dry, and plant. 1 lb. treats 60 to 80 bushels of seed potatoes. Prices: 1 lb. $4.10; 4 lb. $14.20, postpaid. Not prepaid, 1 lb. $3.85; 4 lb. $13.70. WYATT-QUARLES SEED CO.

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