If you aspire to have a gorgeous looking lawn, you have to realize that it is not possible within a single day. It takes patience and perseverance to have a lawn that is the cynosure of all eyes. This does not mean that only professionals can help you get the kind of lawn you desire. If you can get hold of the right lawn care tools and you have some guidance from the right sources, then a beautiful lawn is easily achievable.

Let us begin with the tools that are indispensable for a good lawn. The foremost tool that can make all the difference to your lawn is the lawnmower. A lawnmower could quite possibly be the most costly of the lawn care tools that you have to buy, but it is vital for a beautiful lawn. Buying a good lawn mower is, however, only the first step. You need to maintain your lawn mower with oiling at regular intervals so that it does not rust or break down and create problems for you.

The second lawn care tool that is again very important is the garden spreader. With the help of a garden spreader, you can apply fertilizers evenly on your lawn. No lawn can sustain itself in the absence of fertilizers and so you should be very particular about applying fertilizers at the required time. A garden spreader will make the task easy for you. These spreaders are found in different shapes and sizes. So, when you buy one your choice should be made on the basis of how large your lawn is and whether it can be used easily by you.

After you have managed the grass cutting and the fertilizer application, it is time to turn your attention to the gathering of the cut grass. This needs to be tended to immediately as leaving it behind can result in brown spots forming on the grass. For doing away with the cut grass, the tool that comes in handy is a good rake.

Finally, for healthy grass you have to keep your lawn free from weeds. You can do this with a plain shovel which enables you to pluck the weeds and eliminate them from the lawn. A shovel is a multi-function tool as you can patch, dig and fertilize the lawn with this one tool. So, buying this tool should be high on your priority list.

With these four or five tools including the electric lawnmower, you can have a great looking lawn. It is not as if you need a large tool shed to maintain a lawn. This small list should suffice in giving you the garden of your dreams.

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Old shaft
An old mining shaft in the vicinity of Sala Silver Mine.

Note the shape of the tunnel. It is not blasted. Even in the times when gun powder could have been used another technique called fire-setting was used instead. I do not remember why it was the preferred method, but I can imagine that several reasons like that the environment in the mine is too damp, that the gunpowder was considered too dangerous (also consider the extra work with rock drilling without power tools) or that Sweden that often was in wars in the 16th to 19th century would like to use the gunpowder on the battlefield.

Fire-setting is a slow but rather safe method. Even more so if water, as here, was not used for splitting the rock. It was simply too dangerous as shards could permanently blind the men. What they did was that they piled up firewood against the rock in the evening and let it burn to the early morning. When the rock surface was heated up it cracked a bit and when cooling down pieces fell off. If I remember correctly they could go about one or two decimetres (about 4-8 inches) per night.

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