DJ equipment is crucial, particularly if you are a disc jockey. OK but in all seriousness, whether you are just starting, or if you’re needing to replace all of your hardware, you need to know the basic pieces of DJ equipment that will help you to perform your best when it comes time for that important event. The event may be anything, from a marriage, to a birthday party, to somebody’s yard party. No matter what it is, not only do you need the best apparatus you need equipment for each occasion as well as equipment that works very well for YOU.

The largest question naturally is what type of DJ are you going to be? Do you intend to be a stationary DJ? Maybe setting up your own radio station? Or do you want to be a mobile DJ, and for shortage of a better term, a bard. This definitely has an effect on what type of DJ kit you will purchase as there’s some that can be set up permanently and some that is able to be picked up and moved at will. If you are more of the second, then you need to ensure that you get cartable DJ equipment as well as a carry case for your hardware.

The 1st, and perhaps the most vital part of the DJ gear is a turntable. The meaning of turntable has changed rather a lot with the passage of time, as originally a turntable was a device that played vinyl records. Since that form of media has been and gone we have switched to other types such as CD’s, DVD’s, flash media, and things like that. You also need to ask yourself if you’re going to be using CD’s at all. Maybe you’ll be wanting to employ a laptop computer with some type of DJ program. Before you ask, no, Winamp is not a DJ program.

If you are going to be performing at events or anywhere at all for what it’s worth then you’re going to want to make sure you have a decent microphone. People are going to require to hear what you are pronouncing, so you need to make sure of 2 things before you purchase a microphone. First off you want to make sure that your words are clear and sharp so everyone can understand you and you don’t sound like the dispatcher at a drive thru restaurant . The second thing that you are going to need to check is that the microphone doesn’t have too much feedback. If it does then you are going to find that nobody can hear you, and in reality all they are going to hear is some kind of screeching sound.

Remember that you are going to be performing in the dark lots of the time, so make sure that you have work lights. There are certain lights sold that may light up your board but they won’t trouble the event that is happening outside of your booth.

There are lots of other pieces of equipment that you will need to buy, of that there isn’t any doubt, but you always have to make sure that the DJ equipment you buy is of top quality and that it works for you personally. Everybody is different, so make your choice wisely!

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