Outdoor power equipment is tools or machines used in making outdoor jobs easier and enjoyable. These equipments save time and enhance the value of properties and homes.

Useful outdoor equipment is in great demand in the market and a must to have in order to beautify one’s property. Such equipments are garden tractors, lawnmowers, trimmers, utility vehicles, edger, chain saws, snow throwers, tillers, leaf blowers and other related products.

The industry continues to produce outdoor power equipments and develop new technologies that help people in their homes, especially with regards to environmental protection.

Here is a list of three most useful outdoor power equipments in the market today:

1. Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a machine with one or more revolving or rotating blades, powered for the maintenance of thick and tall grass, as well as rough terrain. It comes in different types such as:

*Cylinder or reel mower
*Mechanical mower that employs rotating blade assembly
*Rotary mowers – powered by an internal combustion engine
*Cordless mowers – battery operated mowers
*Riding mowers – it is a one person machine
*Hover mowers – rotary push powered mower, and
*Robotic mowers – robot type of mower.

Mowers possess a feature that is equipped to finely cut and re-cut the grass. It also has the capacity to bring it back to the turf, with a low emission machine. Clippings provide nutrients and moisture so as to keep the yard healthier and greener, reducing yard waste as well.

Guidelines in using a mower:

*Do not mow on a steep hill but mow across a hill to avoid falling debris or plants.
*When adjusting mower height, shut off the engine.
*Do not lift the mower; keep it flat on the ground.
*Stop and turn off the mower when you hit something.
*In riding mowers, never carry children or passengers while mowing and avoid edges.

Standard Safety Feature: The Operator Presence Control (OPC) gives a feature that ensures the blades stop completely within 3 seconds after the release of blade control.

Examples of mower products:

*DR® Power Equipment New VERSA-PRO Z-Lawn Mowers: Can mow large lawns at nearly 13 mph, Convertible, you can ride or walk behind, Navigate obstacles with precision and speed, commercial and residential use with 2 year warranty.

*Cub Cadet® Electric Lawn Mowers – Easy to operate. No messy oil changes or no costly engine tune-ups Price: $ 229.00-$ 399.00

*Cub Cadet® Push Lawn Mowers – designed to start easily with maximum performance. Price: $ 229.00-Price: $ 229.00

2. Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers generate a powerful stream of air to get to move the leaves, debris and twigs from yards, garages, walks and lawns. It is a portable and handy clean-up tool with an optional vacuum kit accessory and gutter kits. The two types of blowers are the hand-held blower and the backpack blower.

Hand-held blowers have a portable hand-held model that clears up things quickly. It also has adjustable nozzles, a 2-cycle and low emission 4-cycle gasoline engine. A backpack blower powered by 2 and 4-cycle gasoline engines (25-30cc).

Guidelines in using a leaf blower:

*Do not point the blower nozzle at people or pets.
*The lowest possible throttle speed must be use.
*Do not use it very late or early in the morning.

Product: Cub Cadet JS 1150 Price: $ 499.00

3. Lawn and Garden Tractors

Lawn Tractors are used in collecting and cutting 1-3 acres of mulching grass. It includes lawn sweepers, detachers, and rear and side discharge of grass collection system. The engine size varies from 11hp to 18hp.

Garden tractors are used in large properties of 3 to 5 acres. It has a heavy-duty, versatile and powerful feature with low-emission engines. This would range from 14hp up to 26 hp. Garden tractors are also used in digging, garden tilling, removing snow or soil and in hauling supplies and materials.

Garden and lawn tractors differ in its ability to be used either in its front or rear powers for take off.

Safety Features/Reminders:

* Make sure that children and pets are not in the working area before operating the equipment. Carefully check if there are any people or objects behind before reverse shifting.

* The machine will stop automatically when the operator leaves the seat due to a key safety interlock switch for accident prevention.

* Safety features that includes color-coded controls and safety guards to protect from throwing objects out by the blade.

* Models equipped with headlights and parking breaks.

* Refer to the operator’s manual provided by the manufacturers before operating a tractor.


Cub Cadet® Series 1000 Lawn Tractors – features a deck wash system and a reverse mowing technology with a comfortable high back seat and a soft touch steering wheel. Price: $ 1,499.00- $ 1,999.00

Cub Cadet® 2500 Garden Tractors – a heavy duty tractor with high performance and powerful direct-driven shaft that provides an efficient transfer power to the rear transaxle. Price: $ 3,199.00- $ 4,199.00

Cub Cadet® iSeries Zero Turn Tractors – with a zero-turn rider built to take on hills with ease. Price: $ 2,699.00- $ 4,999.00

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Bolens Tractors for Better Results with Less Labor BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS A rugged, compact and extremely flexible service unit. A great model to meet all requirements for light farming, commercial grow- ing, lawn and garden care, snow plowing and "odd-job" service like weed cutting, hauling or providing auxiliary power. There’s a BOLENS Tractor for every property … a "packaged implement" for every job. No matter what kind of property you own or maintain, it will pay you to see the BOLENS line before you buy. Compare the BOLENS that meets your requirements with any other in its class. Whether you base your final decision on efficient all-season service or on price, you’ll be influenced by the obvious superiority of the BOLENS Tractors. 41/2 H.P. PROFESSIONAL MUSTANG ROTARY TILLER For the maximum in rugged stamina, choose the Professional Mustang. With extra long-life gears and engine, the Professional Mustang is the tiller preferred by professional gardeners and rental yards because it takes hardest use with minimum care. Select-O-Width Tilling, a unique Bolens feature, lets you vary the rotor width to fit any average row spacing. You simply add one or more extension tines to either side. Each tine adds 4 inches to the rotor width and is quickly locked in place with a steel pin. The rotor widths are extendable from 16 to 40 inches. $234.50 f.o.b. Washington, D. C.

Text Appearing After Image:
H. P. SUPER MUSTANG TILLER SUPER MUSTANG—This big, powerful—yet easy to handle—all- purpose tiller is equipped with a 4-H.P. Briggs & Stratton engine with Easy Spin starting. One lever shifting from forward to reverse. New camshaft reverse gives ease of handling with no twisted belts. Direct drive from Professional Mustang engine to gear case. Guaranteed steel rotor tines capable of deep tilling— bite into the soil, lift it, break it, mix it. Finely chop and blend weeds, grass and stalks into the soil. You can select and hold tilling depths with a spring-loaded, adjustable depth shoe. Split-tine hubs on the rotor give you quickly changed range of tilling widths. By adjusting tine positioning on hubs you can have widths of 123i in., 17 in., 21 in. plus three extension of 8? 2 inches, giving you a range up to 46 inches. Super Mustang Model 2101. $174.75. Mustang Model 2041. S127.50. Both f.o.b. Washington, D. C.

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