The Husqvarna 5521CHV

If you are looking for an easy to use, gas powered, self propelled lawn mower the Husqvarna 5521CHV may be right for you. The AutoWalk system is easy to use and allows you to set your own pace rather than having to push the mower. ideal for people who find pushing a mower difficult. With six cutting positions, adjustable between one inch and three inches, and a triple bagging system it will deliver an efficient tidy cut.

The AutoWalk system uses a front wheel drive and is controlled by a simple lever.We found it very easy and intuitive to use and certainly takes the hard work out of mowing. The Husqvarna 5521CHV starts easily and the choke is automatic. The cutting height adjusts for different types and heights of grass and with six cutting positions can cope with rougher spots and small inclines easily. It is necessary to stop and adjust the cutting height if you hit a rough patch or an area of longer grass or the mower may stall.

The triple bagging system works efficiently and throws clippings into the bag smoothly. The attachment of the bagging system is a little less sturdy than we would like.

The Husqvarna 5521CHV mis easy to maneuver with large back wheels and can cope easily with small slopes. On very hilly areas or very rough patches the engine struggles so we would not recommend this model if you have a lot of these areas to mow. However on normal lawn areas, which most people will have, the mower works efficiently and the AutoWalk system is excellent if you have difficulty pushing a normal mower.


Easy to use, AutoWalk system works well, six different cutting positions


May stall on rough areas or very long grass

Price: $ 349.98

The Toro Super Recycler 20090

A gas powered push mower that has an efficient mulching system, the Toro Super Recycler 20090 is light and easy to store and powerful. Clippings are chopped up by a veneered blade that uses an acceleration system and kickers to keep the clippings in the air, before being ejected onto the ground. You can also discharge into a bag by attaching a side discharge tube.

The Ready Start system used by Toro mowers does not have a choke or need any priming and allows for easy starts. The 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine supplies plenty of power and makes the mower efficient on a wide range of grass types and surfaces. The deck is easy to adjust between cutting heights of one and a quarter to four and a quarter inches.

One feature we like is the Quick Washout Port which makes cleaning super easy. Attach a hose to the port, turn on and wash out all the accumulated clipping and dirt in one go.

The Toro Super Recycler 20090 is very light at just 69lbs and with a folding handle is easy to store. The mower is well constructed and should last a long time.


Easy starts, good mulching system, light and easy to store



List Price: $ 474.99

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Image from page 29 of “Schultz’s seeds : 1913” (1913)
Identifier: schultzsseeds1911913schu
Title: Schultz’s seeds : 1913
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Schultz’s Seed Store (Washington, D.C.) Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seeds Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs Lawn mowers Catalogs Flowers Catalogs
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : Schultz’s Seed Store
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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ows to an immense size, and a field of them is a very pretty sight withtheir great hooks lying around in the greatest profusion. They are rich, dark golden yellow incolor, thick-meated, fine-fleshed, excellent for feeding stock or for pies. Pkt., 5c; oz., 10c; ylb, 20c; lb, $60. Small Sweet or Sugar Pumpkin A. vejy fine. 0 1 grained, most deliciously sweet flavored pumpkin, also a splen-did keeper all through the winter. For size theyaverage about ten inches in diameter, and beingof a round, flattened shape and deep orange color,are extremely attractive while growing. Pkt,5c; oz, 10c; yA lb, 20c; lb, 50c. Connecticut Field The hardiest of air Pumpkins; cul-tivated mainly for stock-feeding,producing enormous crops. Oz, 5c; yA lb, 10c.; y2 lb,15c; lb., 25c. Larsre Sweet Cheese 0re of the hefl f.or tab^ use 0 and very productive. Shape, flat; skin, mottled light green or yellow, changing to a richcream color; flesh, yellow, thick and tender. Packet, 5c.;oz, ioc.; Ya lb, 20c; lb, 50c. 26

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Large Sweet Chinese Pumpkin. HIGH QUALITY VEGETABLE SEEDS Ten bushels of Potatoes will plant anacre. One peck will plant 75 hills. POTATOES Karloffeln, Ger. SELECT LIST OF STANDARD MAINE GROWN VARIETIES, TRUE TO NAME. CULTURE‚ÄĒThe soil best suited to the Potato is a rich, sandy loam,- but it seems to thrive in any soil orclimate. The Potato, being a gross feeder, requires a liberal application of manure; if stable manure is to be usedit should be well rotted, and not allowed to come in contact with the tubers. On no other crop are the resultsfrom the use of phosphates so manifest as the Potato; almost invariably the tubers are smoother, brighter and freerfrom rust and the destructive influence of wire worms. For fertilizer we would recommend Alapes Economical PotatoManure. This is highly balanced, and contains 10 per cent, of sulphate of potash. Plant as early in the spring asthe ground can be thoroughly worked, in rows of 3 feet apart and 1 foot in the rows; covering in light, warm

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Riding Lawn Mower to the Liquor Store Like George Jones

A lunch time trip to the liquor store in memory of the late George Jones.