Are you looking to clear some overgrown lawns? There are different kinds of lawn mowers available in stores today. The minute you start shopping around you will notice that you have many choices available to you, with the actual type, price and size. The type of lawn mower is dependent on the size of the yard it will be used on and the maintenance approach you plan to use. This article focuses on briefly explaining the different types of lawn mowers available in the market today and their characteristics.

Lawn mowers are mainly divided into two types; the reel mowers and the Rotary mowers. Their choices vary from push mowers to zero turn mowers, from riding lawn mowers to self-propelled. Reel mowers are the traditional push mowers also known as cylinder mowers, they employ the use of blades that rotate in a horizontal axis known as reel; it allows you to mow your lawn much shorter than the rotary mowers. Today’s push reel mowers are lighter and easy to use unlike the old traditional heavy push mowers. They are quiet and clean (power mowers tend to emit 10 times more exhaust for fuel burned as autos). Push mowers are actually better than gas or electric powered which are known to damage grass ends. They cut grass neatly just like a pair of scissors.

Rotary lawn mowers on the contrary are run by means of an engine; they employ a blade that rotates about a vertical axis. Rotary lawn mowers are known to cut very high grass and bushes. There are gas powered lawn mowers, electric powered lawn mowers and self-propelled lawn mowers. These rotary mowers all have different capabilities making them different from each other. Gas and petrol operated lawn mowers are known to be more powerful and cheaper in terms of energy consumption, however many people tend to shy away from them because they are messy during maintenance and fuelling. The electric mowers on the contrary are more reliable and simple to operate. Self-propelled lawn mowers are like robots in performance. They are convenient for large commercial yards.

Other than the basic function of mowing, lawn mowers come with additional value added functions that are worth looking out for before any purchase. Mulching and bagging are among the most sorts after additional features. Mulching involves the lawn mowers clipping grass and pushing it off at the back as it continues to mow, while bagging involves the lawn mowers fitted with containers that serve as bags to store the grass as it mows. The mower clips the grass and pushes it in the container for later disposal. The prices of these lawn mowers also differ in model, size and from one store to another. It is important to take note of all these features.

Lawn mowers have made the art of gardening simple and easy to maintain. Many home improvement stores stock all these mowers and it is important to either physically visit the stores or look around online to make comparison before making any purchase.

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This restored German Army 1938 BMW R71 motorcycle was spotted outside Borders on Fair Oaks. The R-71’s twin cylinder 597cc boxer has a unique, vintage sound, due to the side-valve (flathead) engine, an archaic technology shared with Model-A Fords and old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engines. That said, some features of the R71 are remakably modern, such as shaft drive and a boxer engine.
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Eckman 3-in-1 Hand Push Lawn Mower, Scarifier & Aerator

Product link –,-Scarifier-AND-Aerator.html#ETC3

Key features –
– Supplied with a sturdy main body and three interchangeable cylinder cassettes:
– Scarifier — for instant removal of moss and thatch
– Aerator — for water, feed, seed and oxygen penetration
– Cylinder Mower – for professional looking stripes
– Push-powered
– Height adjustable – min. grass cutting height 12mm/½” to 38mm/1 ½”)
– Large grass collection bag

Description –
The versatile 3-in-1 Lawn ‘Growtivator’ can be used to remove unwanted moss, thatch and weeds that choke healthy grass.

It can also aerate your lawn for better water, feed, seed and oxygen penetration.

Finally, the cylinder mower will mow your lawn and leave professional looking stripes using the 35cm (13 ¾”) precision cylinder mower.

The ‘Growtivator’ is supplied with a sturdy main body and three interchangeable cylinder cassettes (the scarifier, aerator and mower) that simply slot into place in just a few seconds without the need for tools.

It is push-powered so no dangerous electric cable, petrol, nor rechargeable battery to worry about!

The geared cassettes are powered from the rotation of the 25cm/10″ diameter non-slip front wheels — gently push along at walking pace and the machine will do the rest.

It’s height adjustable (min. grass cutting height 12mm/approx. ½” to 38mm/approx. 1 ½”) and it comes with a generous 30.4 Litre grass collection bag.

At 15kgs it will also aerate and rake dry compact soil and leave uniform stripes, yet is still light enough to maneuver easily.