If you are looking for tips on the commercial lawn care equipment that you will need to start a business, this article will be beneficial for you. This is because there are simply some things that you need to know before you start your business. Without the right knowledge, you won’t be able to have a successful business. Here are the things that you will need:

Lawn Mower

The first thing you need for your business is the lawn mower. This is because the lawn mower is the most important piece of equipment that you will need. When choosing the right mower for your business, you have to know what options you will require. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. Some examples of these options include trail lawn mowers, riding mowers, walk-behind, and gang-reel. The style you choose will also depend on the specific purpose you need.


Your commercial lawn care equipment should also consist of sprayers. Commonly, there are various types known as broadcast, skid, spot, and the portable option. This equipment will help you when you use herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers for your garden plants.

Roto Tillers

The roto tiller is a piece of lawn care equipment that you should not miss out on. This is because this item is being used so you can till the soil in order for your plants to get more natural light, fertilizer, and water. Despite the fact that this item can resemble a lawn mower, the roto tiller has its own capability that the mower cannot do.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other must-have pieces of commercial lawn care equipment. This includes carts, wagons, chippers and shredders. Once you have purchased these items, you can open your business and offer your service to your customers.

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There, you’ll find tips and tricks for getting the greenest, fullest lawn possible with the correct lawn care equipment. You’ll also find business packages, tools and equipment for all your yard work needs, whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or full-time lawn care professional.

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Image from page 66 of “Bolgiano’s “John Baer” tomato : crowned with success in every tomato growing state in the union and Canada” (1915)
Title: Bolgiano’s "John Baer" tomato : crowned with success in every tomato growing state in the union and Canada
Identifier: bolgianosjohnbae19jbol_0
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: J. Bolgiano & Son; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seeds Maryland Baltimore Catalogs; Vegetables Maryland Baltimore Catalogs; Flowers Maryland Baltimore Catalogs; Fruit Maryland Baltimore Catalogs; Grasses Maryland Baltimore Catalogs; Gardening Maryland Baltimore Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Nurseries (Horticulture) Maryland Baltimore Catalogs
Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Bolgiano
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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Gladiolus, Calladiums, Tube Roses, and Paeonies Gladiolus Rare and Beautiful Varieties Mailing- Weight 1 Lb. per doz. 4 Lbs. per 100. Parcel Post Kates See Page 4. _ The Gladiolus is by far the most attractive and easily grown Summer Bloomer. They are not only showy in the garden, but when cut with the first flower open, they will last for 10 days in the house. The newer color- ings defy the choicest orchids. The Gladi- olus is growing in popularity every year and has been well named "The Peoples Flower." Failure with this flower is unknown as they will grow in any open position and bloom well. Any fairly good garden will grow Gladiolus. Plant the bulbs 4 inches deep and 6 inches apart. Planted at intervals from April to June will afford a success- sion of blooms from July until Frost. They are very effective when planted in clusters among Shrubs, Roses and Peonies. Our bulbs are of the finest quality and will give bountiful satisfaction the first season. America. A beautiful soft flesh pink. By far the most vigorous and easily grown Gladiolus known. Strong and healthy, with luxuriant dark-green foliage and a freedom of growth and flowering surpassing all others. Spikes two to three feet long, erect with a great number of large spreading blossoms, all facing one way and shpwing a color, the delicacy, and beauty of which, it is impossible to describe or reproduce It is an exquisite soft lavender pink, very light, almost a tinted white. Mammoth Bulbs 10c each. 2 for 15c. 75c per doz. $5.00 per 100. Extra large bulbs 7c each, 2 for 10c, 50c doz. $3.00 per 100. Mrs. Francis King, A most beautiful flame pink. Immense flowers on a spike growing 4 feet high, with from 18 to 20 flowers, 6 to 8 being open at one time. Many of the bulbs produce two and three flower- spil^es; one of the most effective both in the border and when cut. 8c each, 2 for 15c, 75c doz., $4.00 per 100. Brenchleyenis, For Brilliancy of color few can touch this one. The exquisite brilliant scarlet coloring is a show worthy to be seen. 5c each. 50c doz. $3.00 per 100. Silver Trophy Strain. The Rarest, most wonderfully beautiful mixture of Gladiolus in the viforld. It contains the newest and Rarest Blues, Clematis, Lilac, Heliotrope, Reds, Scarlets, Crimson, White, Lights and Yellows. All shades of white, cream, yellow and in many combinations relieved by stains and blotches of rich colors in most wonder- fully pleasing contracts. No such exquisite combinations offered elsewhere in the world. 5c each. 50c per doz. $3.00 per 100. Groff’s Hybrid. A mixture together with all sorts of Hybrids, consisting of Grand- avensis, Lemoinei, and Chlldsii making in â r. X -r. … -.< . â¢, , one bed the greatest collection and variation Fragrant Double Pearl Tuberoses of color. 5c each. 50c per doz. $3.00 per 100. Giant Gladioli Childsii. 4 to 5 feet high of free branching habit and profuse bloom, 7 to 9 in. across, each stem produces 3 or 4 spikes. 5c each. 50c per doz. $3.00 per 100. liCmoinie Hybrids. A showy and most splendid flowering variety, consisting ot more than forty of the named sorts. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2.50 per 100. New Giant Nanceanus. French Mammoth Flowering Gladiolus, flowers of im- mense size borne on long spikes covered with profuse blooms. 5c each. 35c per doz. $2.50 per 100.

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Doz. Per lOa 35c $2.50 50c 3.00 40c 2.7S 50c S.OO Excelsior Double Pearl Tuberoses Mailing Weight 1 Lb. per Doz. 5 Lbs. per 100. Parcel Post BatesâSee Page 4. One of the most fragrant and most popular of the Summer flower- ing Bulbs. Easily recognized by its fragrance and beautiful flower spikes, which are borne on long stems, making it an admirable cut-flower for house decorations. Plant in open ground after the 1st day of May. If started in pots and then transplanted to open ground can be had much earlier. We have used great care in the selection of these bulbs and know that they will give the best of satisfaction. Each Doz. Per 100. Small Double Pearl Tuberose Roots 3c 20c $1.25 Large Double Pearl Tuberose Roots 3c 25o 1.50 Extra Large Double Pearl Tuberose Roots…. 5c 35c 2.00 Paeonies The King of Flowers. Hardy Everywhere Once planted, the plants and flower’3 increase in size and beauty with age. They are as hardy as oaks and as handsome (many as frag- rant) as roses. The plants are practically immune from insects. Paeonies may be planted during any of the spring months and from September 1 to October 10. An important point to observe is not to plant too deeply. The roots should be placed so that the crowns (or eyes) are covered with two or three inches of soil. Planting too deep is often the cause of shy blooming. We use great care in the selection of our Paeonies, only offering for sale those with from 2 to 5 eyes. Unnamed Paeonies to Color. All Double Flowering Mailing Weight 1 Lb. each. Parcel Post RatesâSee Page 4. Our Paeonies to color, you -will find unsurpassed. They are fine large flowers with rich colors, free bloomers. The roots we offer are strong. Be sure and try them. W^e have these Paeonies In Crimson, Red, White, Pink, Rose colors. Separate, 20c each, 3 for 50o. The Magnificent Gladioli America Gladiolus Gandavensis Special Color Mixtures of Finest Large Flowering Hybrids Each ~ White and Light, Mixed 5c Striped and Variegated, Mixed.. 5c Pink and Rose, Mixed 5c Red and Scarlet, Mixed 5c Bolgiano’s Superb Mixture. A mixture of the largest number of the most magnificent varieties of any popu- lar mixture yat introduced, contains best strain of each variety. 5c each 35c per doz. $2.50 per 100. Bolgiano’s Fine Mixture. A mixture containing some of the choicest and best strains of the different named varieties. 1st size, 5c each, 50c per doz. $3.00 per 100 2nd size, 3c each, 25c per doz. $1.50 per 100. Calladium or Elephant Ears One of the most effective plants in cultivation for the flower border or for planting out on the lawn. It will grow in any garden soil, and is of the easiest culture. To obtain the best results it should be planted where it will obtain plenty of water and abund- ance of rich compost. Foliage light green. When full size it stands 6 feet high and bears immen.se leaves 3 to 4 feet long by 2i feet â wide. Per Postage Per Postage Each Doz. Per Root Each Doz. Per Root Small Calladiunt Roots 5c 50c 5c Large Calladium Roots 10c $1.00 7c Ex. Large Call- adium Roots Mammoth Call- adium Roots 15c $1.50 25c 2.75 lOo 15c

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How To Buy Lawn Care Accounts and Used Equipment Advice

http://www.lawncaremillionaire.com – Things to think about when buying residential/commercial accounts used equipment from another lawn care or landscaping company.

Going into any scenario when you buy accounts because you’re not taking over the whole business and the homeowners or the commercial business owner doesn’t really completely … in some situations when you’re buying a big business, they don’t really know that you just acquired the company. Nothing really changes. When you’re buying accounts, everything is transferred to you. You now talk to them. It’s your people showing up at their lawn, at their home.