Lawn Doctor is currently present in 40 states. This means that there is still a lot of uncharted territory out there for you to open your own lawn care franchise.
Here are ___ things to consider when you are deciding where to open your lawn care franchise.
Local competition
When you are choosing where to start your lawn care franchise, take a look at other lawn care businesses in regions of interest. If it appears that there is little competition in a market that has a high demand for lawn care services that would be ideal. Remember that a lot of competition can mean that there is extremely high demand, so do not be entirely deterred by some competitors. Overall, you want to try to identify a gap. Is there a market that shows demand for the services you offer, and has demonstrated room for competition? Go there to start your franchise.
What Market Size are You Aiming for?
The type of clients you want to do business with will determine where you go, and what services you offer. The optimal place to start a lawn care franchise will vary depending on which market you are interested in entering.
If you are primarily interested in serving businesses and their lawn care and landscaping needs, aim for a region that has a high amount of offices or businesses. This might mean that you market yourself primarily in the downtown core of a business-minded city.
Say you want your lawn care franchise to serve individuals in their homes. The ideal place to locate your business will be in an area that is low-density residential. This means that there are lots of houses with large yards that require care. High-density residential would be less ideal, as this mostly consists of apartment buildings. Try to aim for a city with a large suburban population.
This is a huge section of the market, and where Lawn Doctor does 90% of our business. There are an abundance of people looking to purchase lawn care services, as the numbers make evident. A Lawn Care practice in a largely residential area cannot go wrong! Especially with the support of the experienced Lawn Care staff to help you tailor your business to your residential territory.
If your lawn care franchise caters towards caring for and landscaping public places such as parks. Not all cities have their parks landscaped and maintained by private companies, but some do. Try to find a market in which this is the case, and set up shop. Moreover, if you intend to build your business off of landscaping parks, you will want to choose an area that has a high density of parks.
This is an important factor to consider when setting up your franchise. While there may be a lot of houses with yards in a certain area, or another factor that you have identified that might suggest the area will be an optimal location for a franchise, you must also consider the income level of the area. If the people living in an area cannot afford to pay to have their lawns professionally cared for, then it will not matter how many yards there are to care for.
Local Culture
What you specialize in will have to be in line with the market you choose to operate in. For instance, Arizona has a culture of creating a backyard oasis in the desert; Southern California likes their bright green lawns and hedges; there is a trend in the mid-west of going back to natural prairie grasses. Make sure that what you market yourself as, and the projects you want to work on, are suited to your chosen market.
Keep these tips in mind and your lawn care franchise will be sure to be a success. To learn more about lawn care franchise opportunities with Lawn Doctor, contact us at 1.866.LAWN DOC (1.866.529.6362)

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