Aggregate Industrial supply needs are often overlooked. Industrial sand, clay, screened, top- soil, gravel, and road sand are all useful for a variety of purposes within construction including landscaping products supplies in Edmonton. They are also used for environmental projects seeking to enhance water filtration and landscaping. Payless Sand and Gravel are able to offer the finest materials at a competitive cost within Edmonton and surrounding areas. No matter the project, Payless can guarantee a unique approach that is both customized and structured according to our past expertise. All individuals involved in this company are highly experienced in the industrial aggregate industry and we invest in each and every project that comes our way. We aim for the industry standard in impeccable quality.

One perk about our company is the sustainability of our practice. Many companies that use industrial aggregates fail to consider the source of their materials. These materials could come from mining operations or from other construction, lots that might require lengthy transport across distances, so far removed from the actual site of the project. This is not only unsustainable, but it also passes costs onto the customer of transport. At Payless we source gravel from local pits within surrounding areas or through our partnerships with materials suppliers throughout Western Canada. Payless understands that the value of landscaping products supplies in Edmonton is important to customers. The sand and gravel available are useful for a variety of projects, however, getting an estimate of the scale and type of project which is planned will be essential to getting the job done correctly.

What are some uses for industrial aggregate supplies? These materials are great for urban or rural projects. Urban or rural landscaping is one example of a creative use for sand and gravel. Gravel and sand left over from construction and other places are often hauled off for disposal within remote locations. Sand and gravel pits are also used to supply customers with these materials. The build up of these materials can negatively affect the surrounding area of these dumpsites. The recycling of these materials is economically and environmentally sound. We also have formed partnerships with a myriad of transport companies throughout Western Canada to ensure that transportation costs are not a heavy part of the client’s expenditure. Payless expects no less than perfection when it comes to meeting the needs of each and every project, so each aspect of the company is tailored to customer satisfaction. Whether paving, garden paths or constructing a large Zen garden, Payless Sand and Gravel has the materials needed for the project.

If you have questions regarding your project, contact us today. We can ensure than delivery and materials are top of the line. We look forward to working with you.

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Outside the HVPA 2
A close-up of the rock path outside the HVPA. Since it is, after all, an art building, they did a lot of landscaping all around it, including the decorative rock path you see here.
By Move The Clouds on 2007-03-13 23:21:36
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