Although front yard landscaping is not necessary, it has become a very popular project among many homeowners because it adds beauty to the front of the house. After all, a great yard in front gives an even better impression to the guests and even to anyone who happen to pass by the place. A good front yard landscape gives a warm welcome to the guests and visitors of the house. As it is the first thing to be noticed, it should be the most accommodating of all.

If you need a guide to plan your front yard, there are many landscape ideas available in books, magazines and online. When planning your landscape, be sure to include some personalized items that will tell your guests about you, and the other people living with you. A bad looking front yard leaves an equally bad impression on those who visit and others that see it.

The true element in your front yard landscaping should be functionality rather than aesthetics. The beauty of your front yard is lost if you have a difficult time in getting to your front door. Your guests and visitors will never appreciate the beauty of your landscape if they have to side step obstacles along the way. There should be a comfortable and easy place for people to just stop and enjoy the view that you have created.

Keeping your landscape simple is the best; adding plants strategically around, as well as curbs and walkways for easy access. Create a place where people can step without destroying the grass and other plants, but keeping the house as the focal point. If you do not keep a clear path and a clear view to the front door, guests can see nothing but mayhem and feel as if they are visiting a jungle.

Have your front door stand out by using a color paint that will compliment the house. Highlight the door by placing some plants around it without of course, over doing it. You can add plants until they reach your front gate or until your yard is lightly covered.

You can also place in another pathway to the side of the house and add tables and chairs where you and your guests can sit around and chat. If you are not too sure about realizing the landscaping ideas that you have in mind, it may be best to get a landscape architect to help you. Just make sure to tell them exactly what you have in mind so that they can start with the work and then you, your family and friends can enjoy its beauty right away!

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Zegeer House 1
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This is a set of 7 images. The Zegeer House in Jenkins, Kentucky was built circa 1911, the materials being stucco (I think) and wood. I’m not sure of the architectural style, but it does have some features of the Prairie style. The house with its whites and browns blends into the landscape. It is sited on a slightly rising elevation and a good distance from the street; and with many trees on the front lawn a full view of the house was impossible; the land behind the house is full growth woods. An idea of the front façade may be realized by viewing the rear (Image 4), excluding the garage, as it closely approximates the front. It’s a more horizontal structure than vertical and has a large centrally located chimney. The low-pitched roof has prominent eaves that exist throughout the structure with simple, thin brackets in the cornice. The substantial front gable (from which the chimney rises) extends to the rear and a line of five 6/6 sash windows. A large picture window on the front façade under the gable. The use of vertical bands of wood on plaster suggests a Tudor influence, and it’s the wood on stucco that provides the ornamentation of the house. The appearance of panels is created by enclosing the white stucco with wood trim cut into specific shapes and designs, particularly the line of columns under the gable windows. The porch is open with Tuscan-like columns supporting the porch roof. The entry is de-emphasized, a single door with two decorated, vertical lights; the same pattern in the door is continued in the sidelights. Just behind my vantage point is a small lake, which gives the house a commanding position in a beautiful setting.

I was unable to find any information regarding this house, the name and date coming from a local resident who was passing as I was wrapped up in the beauty of this home. This is definitely one of my favorite houses.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here are the Front Yard Landscaping Ideas. This landscaping ideas are beautiful and unique styles. I am sure that is Landscaping Ideas make your house more beautiful.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas