Do you want to start a garden? Make sure you have all the right supplies first. What will happen if you start digging up your yard to start gardening and find out you don’t have all the right supplies to continue? You will have a huge mess and an ugly yard until you get the tools.

In order to find out what supplies you need, go through the gardening process. The first step is the cultivate the land and prep the soil. To break up the soil you will need a tiller. A motorized tiller will work best to break up the soil. They are efficient machines but quite expensive.

If you dont have the budget for a till, you can replace it with several tools. Of course, you will need a shovel for the initial digging. If you have especially tough, rocky land, you may need a pickax to help you with the initial digging. Once youve broken up most of the dirt and removed the tough grass on top, a garden hoe will be necessary to further break up the soil.

A garden hoe is a small tool that you can use to chop of the leftover chunks and break up the remaining grass and roots. A cultivator will help you by raking out the rocks and other chunks of stuff you don’t want.

When your ready to break out the plants and seeds, you will need smaller hand tools. A trowel is simply a small shovel and can be used for transplanting, weeding, etc. You will find yourself using it a lot. Cultivators can also be bought in a hand size.

In order to keep your growing plants healthy, you will need to prune them every once and a while. Shears will work well for this on bushes and other plants. You don’t want your bushes to become over-grown.

There are a few other basic tools you will find useful such as a gardening hose, wheelbarrow, circle hoe, extra soil, fertilizer, etc. If you have a small garden, you can use a watering can, but a hose will be much easier and more efficient for larger gardens.

A wheelbarrow isn’t absolutely necessary, but you will find it very useful for yard work in general. A circle hoe can help you weed our garden because it can get in the smaller spaces. These tools can help you maintain a beautiful healthy garden.

Looking for the best gardening tools and equipment? Get the best quality tools for preparing soil correctly and gardening in order to maintain a beautiful garden.

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How to Use a Garden Hoe : Garden Tool Guides

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