The Japanese rock garden landscaping is one of the various garden landscaping . In reality, rocks are used in the different Japanese gardens but the one style of rock garden landscaping is called Karesansui. This form of rock garden landscaping is very traditional and there are representations that occur in Japanese rock garden landscaping that may not be evident in other forms rock garden landscaping.

Rocks And Sand

The major aspects of a Japanese rock garden landscaping scheme are rocks and sand. The rocks used for this garden landscaping design are usually of average size and not boulders that weigh a ton. These rocks are sometimes used to represent islands, animals and other natural forms while traditionally, the sand or gravel is used as water. In most cases of this kind of landscaping scheme, the sand is usually light colored, although there may be individuals or designers who will use dark colored sand.

There are other natural elements that may be present in a rock garden landscaping design of Japanese influence and these are gravel, grass and also moss. Gravel is added to the sand at imes to emphasize the surrounding area of a rock or to have different texture or color of the sand. Grass and moss are sometimes added but they are virtually not used for the Japanese form of rock garden landscaping, Karesansui.

The sand in the Japanese rock garden is supposed to be raked daily and it is said that the action of doing so can calm the individual as there needs to be precise raking motions. Viewing a Japanese rock garden can also be calming for those viewing it. The rock garden landscaping is supposed transmit a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

A Sandpit

Basically the rock garden landscaping scheme for a Karesansui garden is a shallow pit or enclosure where sand is poured into. It can be a little over or under a foot deep. The shape of the enclosure depends on the preferences of the owner. This sandy pit can even be made into a mini Japanese rock garden. A deep tray, preferably made of wood or another natural material, can be filled soft white sand. Rocks can be positioned in the tray in such a way that the owner is sort of playing with it. A small rake can be used to rake the sand into place.

Rock garden landscaping does not need to follow the traditional Japanese way of gardening. Modern rock gardens can be made from different rocks and integrated with other modern things.

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