Starting a Fall Vegetable Garden

Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano discusses how to start a fall vegetable garden, starting from seed, the best plants to start and methods to ensure their success.

Marigolds & Nasturtiums in amongst the Veggies
The Mixed Edible Landscape
Surging interest in growing at least some portion of our food is challenging our conceptions of food gardening in an urban setting. With smaller yards, people are seeking ways to integrate the growing of foodstuffs together with plants grown primarily for beauty. In this half-day course, you will learn all about successful mixed edible gardens that are productive, nutritious and a delight to the eyes. Janet will cover how to get started, styles of mixed edible landscapes, what to plant, maintenance, as well as tips and resources to help you adopt this approach to growing your own food.
Th • Jul 19 • 1–5pm
By Olds College on 2010-08-10 17:51:20