Once you have decided to plant a garden there are some soil tools that are essential for gardening. You will also have to figure out where in the yard it is going to exist, of course this all depends on the size of your property, either close to the house or way in the back. How large do you want this garden to be? Is it going to be in the ground or in a raised bed? It is best to figure all that out first and then stake out the area. You will need a sharp spade, garden fork, shovel, a level-headed rake, a trowel, a hoe, a cultivator, and of course a garden hose. These are the soil tools that are essential for gardening you will need for working the soil.

First you want to spade the edges of your garden bed, use a garden fork and cultivator to loosen up the surface of the soil and a garden fork again to loosen the subsoil. You next want to mix all your amendments into the soil bed with the fork and then the shaping and grading with the level-headed rake. A shovel would be handy for digging holes, but the spade will work just as easy. A trowel is good for small-scale digging and a hoe can be used to keep the weeds to a minimum. Your garden hose should be long and equipped with an adjustable nozzle.

A rotary tiller would be a good investment only if your garden bed is going to be a lot larger that a few square yards. It makes cultivating a quick and easy task. A wheelbarrow is an added accessory especially for hauling the garden amendments and for carry away rocks and debris.

Your gardening tools should not be cheap or inexpensive, as they will probably not last a long time and you will be buying more. When you purchase your soil tools try each one on for size and comfort and make sure it is well balanced. One of the most important things to look for is how the handle is joined at the working end of the tool, this is the weakest part of the tool. They should be joined with a metal strip around it for support. The cutting edges must be sharp and solid in order to perform the task at hand.

If you are a good gardener and you value your soil tools you will take good care of them. A good cleaning after each use is a necessity. A steel wool pad should remove rust spots if they are taken care of right away and not allowed to set into the metal. If you happen to hit a rock and nick your tool, a rasp can be used to smooth it out. If a screw become loosened during your working, repair it right away lest you lose the screw by still working it. When the growing season is over your garden tools need to have all the metal parts rubbed down with an oily rag. A garden tool organizer is an excellent garden accessory for winter storage.

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Martha Stewart introduces us to the five basic tools of gardening.

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Five Essential Gardening Tools – Martha Stewart