Mulching is one of the simplest and most beneficial practices you can use in the garden. Mulch is simply a protective layer of a material that is spread on top of the soil. Mulches can either be organic–such as grass clippings, straw, bark chips, and similar materials–or inorganic–such as stones, brick chips, and plastic.

Both organic and inorganic mulches have numerous benefits. Most of the organic mulch that you can see can be said to soil mulch in that they are used to enrich the soil and protect it from losing out on a lot of the necessary ingredients.

Mulching whether organic or inorganic, soil or rubber is designed to protect the soil from any form of erosion, to help minimize the soil’s compaction caused usually by the force of rain, helps retain moisture therefore almost eliminating the need for consistent wetting and watering of the soil. Other advantages of using mulch on the soil includes the prevention of the growth of weeds, ensures that both the vegetables and the weeds are very clean, improves garden and playground access even when the soil is damp, improves the nutrient value of the soil et.c.

Soil mulch is mostly organic. This is used to enrich the gardens and soil and prevents it from losing its fertility. It is also useful in keeping the soil particles loose thus creating an avenue for the consistent aeration of the soil. It also improves the living conditions of the flora and fauna in the soil. Soil organisms thrive well in soils that are consistently mulched. It enhances the free flow of water (water infiltration), rate of the growth of the root and the ability of the soil to hold water (water holding capacity).

Rubber mulch on the other hand is basically used for soil beautification and the creating of flooring for kids on their playgrounds. Besides this, it is also used and commonly found in amusement parks, office entrances, and shopping malls. It is cheaper to install on the playground than other flooring methods and lasts the longest. Because of its bouncy nature, it can easily soften the fall of any child that falls from any of the playground equipments. Some other benefits of it is that once installed, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

If there is any need to change or remove it, you can simply get it recycled. Some animals like getting on the playground with the children — dogs in particular are fond of this — and using rubber mulch prevents the dog from getting on the playground. Also, unlike the wood chips that children and animals can easily try to chew it is not possible to chew rubber mulch.

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