Countries such as Finland, Sweden and Russia are used to harsh winters that last over 200 days and the locals adapt easily and the transition into winter is as easy as the summer months. They do have different policies however and all cars are fitted with winter tires and the roads ploughed regularly in order to keep the paths and roads clear of snow.

Snow shovel’s are also common and are kept close by in order to clear paths, driveways and work premises.  Many holiday makers will find snow shovels outside of hotels and Log cabins in order to keep paths and steps clear of hazards.

Heavy duty snow ploughs are used for the roads and pavements in order to clear deep snow quicker and easier and they are a daily occurrence in places like Finland where snow levels can reach up to 60cm at peak times.

The U.K has had its fair share of bad winters and many of us can remember disruption from snow at one time or another.  Many home owners have their own snow shovels in preparation of bad weather and on days of heavy snow, snow shovels are a must in order to go about our daily lives easier.

There are different types of snow shovels depending on the severity and depth of snow and the area you are trying to clear.  The plastic trunk shovels are great for removing light snow coverings from paths, patios and driveways which are all areas that can become treacherous in the winter time.

A steel pusher and scraper snow shovel will move snow away from infected areas very well and is also excellent as pushing snow into mounds and away from infected areas.

In general the size of the snow shovel will affect the price and the larger it is, the more it is likely to cost. The material is also an important aspect and snow shovels made from metal are generally more expensive than plastic ones.

The key to purchasing the correct snow shovel is to assess the area you are likely to be clearing and working out a rough estimation of how deep the snow will usually fall. This can be difficult as we don’t always know how much snow we are likely to have but in the U.K for example, we are unlikely to receive 60cm at the peak of winter.

Plastic snow shovels are great for removing light to moderate snow coverings, paths and driveways whilst metal snow shovels are stronger, more able to move deeper levels of snow and are incredibly durable.

There are also electric snow shovels on the market that will both blow and move snow easily and these are great for moderate and deep levels of snow.


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Sketch-A-Day 375: Garden Spade

Note: If you don’t like the music, mute it 🙂

Design Sketch demo by Spencer Nugent. Tools: Prismacolor Pencil, Copic Markers on Marker Paper. Took roughly 10 minutes to complete sketch work.