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When it comes to lawn mowers these days you want to make sure you’re getting a quality mower from the start and not just a cheap junk mower from the local hardware store. The truth is told you’re going to save a lot more money buying a quality lawn mower now than if you were to buy a cheap mower for under a hundred dollars every few years. The way the top brand mowers are built today just doesn’t compare.

When it comes to maintain a healthy lawn not only do you need a quality mower that’s going to be easy on the grass and leave a nice clean cut, but you also need to take into consideration watering, fertilizing and proper cleanup.

You wouldn’t believe how many people tend to water their grass during the wrong times of the day which end up doing the grass more harm than good. Try to water your grass during the early morning hours or late afternoon. Avoid watering the grass overnight as the water tends to accumulate making it prone to disease. A good test to see if your lawn needs water or not is the foot test. Simply step on your lawn and the grass should spring back nicely when you pull your foot away, if it doesn’t it’s a pretty good sign your lawn needs to be watered.

Secondly, fertilize your lawn early in the spring, mid-summer and late fall. Providing your lawn with the proper nutrients helps keep out the weeds increases its thickness and makes for an overall healthy lawn that will look great all summer and bounce back quickly during the spring months. After fertilizing properly I can honestly say that our lawn personally was one of the nicest looking lawns in the neighborhood all due to the previous year of proper fertilizing, while our neighbors lawn was loaded with dandelions and various weeds.

Last but not least make sure to clean up the dead grass after you cut the grass. Cleaning up the dead organic matter helps leave the grass open to the sunlight it needs. Many people believe the dead grass helps their yard and in some cases it does, but excessive dead grass lying around can do more harm than good, so be sure to rake up the dead grass to increase the livelihood of your lawn.

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Image from page 847 of “Florists’ review [microform]” (1912)
Title: Florists’ review [microform]
Identifier: 5205536_49_5
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Subjects: Floriculture
Publisher: Chicago : Florists’ Pub. Co
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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•lit, •,.vy’ Mabch 30. 1922 The Florists’ Review 55

Text Appearing After Image:
Prize-Winning Bulb Garden of A. ^Tiegand’s Sons Co., Beyond Which Are Trade Ditplays Alcog Side Wall. installed for demonstration by tlie John A. Evans Co. Florists’ Supply House, Indiaaapolis. Staple lines of baskets, ribbons and chiffons, zebra fiber wrapping paper, lamp and electric flash signs for florists were displayed by the Florists’ Supply House. Garden City Co., Indianapolis. Amolawn is described as a plant food that drives out weeds because the grass is given such nourishment that the weeds are crowded out. It is sold in sifter cans by the Garden City Co. For new lawns three pounds is used to 400 square feet. On old lawns three pounds covers twice that area. Manager Fortie and Paul F. Grubbs were in attendance. G-arland Co., Cleveland, O. The new pump of the Garland Co. to fill glazing guns was in operation at the company’s booth. Garlanite was shown, a glazing material of putty color which may be put on with a gun, but which, through its different composition, has advantages over other compounds. Per- manite, the black material, was also shown. L. Gellner and H. E. Heiner were present. Gllson Mfg. Co., Fort Washington, Wis. The Bolens power hoe and lawn niower tractor is useful for florists or nurserymen who have a small acreage of outdoor stock. The machine and its attachments for seeding, cultivating or lawn mowing were inspected by many. Hammond’s Paint & Slug Shot Works, Beacon, N. Y. The well known products so long mar- keted by Benjamin Hammond were on display—Thrip Juice, Slug Shot, Grape Dust, Greenhouse White paint, Twem- low’s Old English glazing putty and other brands. Walter Mott shook hands with many old friends. A. Henderson & Co., Chicago. Varied offerings to growers were rep- resented at the booth of A. Henderson & Co.—a vase of Iris filifolia Imperator, something that will be useful; Orange King calendulas, rainbow freesias, lilies, young cyclamen plants, gladiolus bulbs, dormant roses, sweet peas. These were representative of the complete line of seeds and bulbs this firm offers the trade. Joseph Marks was in attendance. Henshaw Floral Co., New York. The supplies department of the Hen- shaw Floral Co. showed the luster ware that has proved so popular a line with florists. Party favors of novel form were also exhibited. E. O. Hill Co., Richmond, Ind. A huge vase of Hill’s America stood, as in a frame, in a booth lined with green velvet under a flood of light. In front stood baskets of Premier, Colum- bia and Butterfly. AViovc was a por- trait of E. G. Hill, the originator of these four famous varieties of roses. So superb was this exhibit that public and professionals lingered long be- fore it. Joseph H. Hill Co., Richmond, Ind. Plants in 4-in(‘h pots of America, Premier and Columbia lined the front of the exhibit of the Joseph H. Hill Co. Blooms of these varieties, as well as Mme. Butterfly and others^ filled vases at the back. Hitchings & Co., No. Tonawanda, N. Y. Photographs and descriptive litera- ture showed the merits of the large houses built by Hitchings & Co. J. N. MacArthur was present. R. H. Hoover Laboratories, Inc., Free- port, 111. The neat and attractive self-selling counter display cartons containing one dozen cans of Hoover’s Plantlife showed florists how some extra profit could be made by the display of such a carton on their counters. The advertising in the Saturday Evening Post is making a consumer demand for this plant food, designed to make house plants grow under amateur care. R. H. Hoover was with the display, assisted by a sales- man, E. A. Dildine. Ideal Lawn Mower Co., Lansing, Mich. The large triplex power mower, eighty-four inches wide, and an Ideal, Jr., measuring twenty-two inches, rep- resented the great and the little in this line. A. G. Coldwell explained their uses interestingly. Indianapolis Reed Co., Indianapolis. Makers of reed furniture, lamps, fer- neries and baskets, the Indianapolis Reed Co. showed the last-named to flo- rists. Some attractive designs were on view. A. L. Kugelman was in charge. Ionia Pottery Co., Ionia, Mich. Red pots, of the much used Ionia line, as well as hanging pots and baskets, wore exhibited bj’ the Ionia Pottery Co., with H. F. Hacker in charge. R. J. Irwin, New York. A few of many things that R. J. Irwin

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11. Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch
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