For gardening enthusiasts, it is of vital importance to always keep their lawns immaculate and one heck of a head turner, this is why investing in a high quality lawn mower is also very important; and an investment it is because the high end lawn mowers don’t exactly come cheap.

With that being said, you need to take into consideration some tips on how you can do proper lawnmower maintenance or the occasional repair yourself, after all, you need to learn how to take care of that investment of yours.

The first rule in garden machinery cares is to make sure that you provide a space either inside your garage or tool shed to put your lawn mower in; leaving it exposed to the changing weather and seasons can cause damage and rust to the blades, as well as on the other parts, so keep your mower inside a dry and clean area when you are not using it.

To keep your lawn mower in perfect working condition for the rest of the year though, the first thing you should do is to check the battery regularly; just because it is not “lawn mowing season” does not mean you will leave your mower’s engine to gather dust, make sure that you keep the batteries and the engine in good condition by starting it from time to time or make sure that the batteries are charged. You should also check if you’ve got old fuel in the tank since old or deteriorated fuel can damage your lawn mower’s engine. Old fuel can clog up the small engine’s carburetor, making it impossible for your lawn mower to start properly; a fuel stabilizer added to the fuel you put in the tank will help solve this issue and avoid very expensive lawn mower servicing. And you also need to do an oil change on your lawn mower every three to six months or change the oil before you start using the lawn mower once again in the spring especially if the oil inside its’ engine has not been changed since winter started. This is because all automotive engines need to be properly lubricated in order for it to work efficiently; the oil inside the engine helps it work easily every time you cut the grass, which helps prevent premature damage to the engine as well as to its parts.

Another cost effective and actually very simple way to make sure your lawn mower will work properly when you need it is to replace spark plugs as well as the filters before you use it again during spring or summer, doing so every year extends the life of your mower. Make sure that you wash thoroughly and then air dry the foam filters and replace all paper filters, and change the fuel filter, too so you won’t have trouble starting your lawn mower.

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a lady mows her footpath at Kippa-Ring on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Queensland.
By Leonard J Matthews on 2012-06-13 09:29:46
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Simple Lawn Mower Tune-Up and Maintenance

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Simple annual maintenance to perform on a lawn mower. The mower in this video is a Toro Personal Pace. Find filters and spark plugs at Amazon: and