Except for its fins and the fact it needs water to live, your pet fish is so much like your dog that deserves all the love, attention and care from you.
If you’re thinking about spending $ 100 to get a bed for your Pomeranian, it is just fair enough that you also acquire aquarium crystals or aquarium gemstones for your fish tank. Unlike dogs, the fish in your 500-gallon aquarium can neither feel your touch nor jump onto your lap and snuggle up to you, but just watching it swim freely unloads you of stress and problems, right?
Nothing can be more relaxing than the sight of a delicate honey gouramis and scarlet badis moving freely in their own world. You may not know it, but that feeling you get out of watching your fish swimming is a manifestation of their unconditional love for you. Make them feel important, too, by improving their home. Give them a place that is comfortable and safe apart from being beautiful.
Decorate your fish tank the way you would landscape your front yard. Safe aquarium rocks will do more than beautify your aquarium; these will prolong the life of your fish. Choose rocks for aquariums wisely so you don’t end up with toxic ones that are hazardous to the health of your lovely fish.
You can use different kinds of stones for aquarium ornamentation. The following are just some of the precious gemstones that you can surprise your fish with.
• Rose Quartz
• Blue Quartz
• Green Quartz
• Crystal Quartz
• Sodalite
• Zebra Jasper
• Agate
• Small Amethyst
These natural gemstones come in different sizes and styles. You can get them in slabs or pebbles, that would really depend on the aquascape that you intend to have for your aquarium.
Before you purchase gemstones for your aquarium, come up with a concept. Imagine your fish in a kingdom of their own. Who would be king? Where would you situate his throne? Treat your fish as friends rather than magical sponges that constantly absorb your negative energy at the end of the day.
Once you have made a clear picture of an aquarium design in your head already, it’s time to concretize your idea by putting into your aquarium all the elements that you have imagined about earlier. You’ll be surprised at how each gemstone could boast such a unique beautiful characteristic that will truly stand out in your fish tank. There will be no need to add colorful led lights to create drama in your tank since gemstones emit natural light.

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A cold, cloudy, windy October day in Bad Lands National Park, South Dakota.

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