One of the most important working parts of any lawn mower is the blade. It’s one part of the mower that cuts or trims the overgrown grass on your lawn or yard. Its condition is vital to keeping not only your lawn well-cut and clean but also to maintaining a well functioning gasoline or electric powered walk-behind or ride-on lawn mower. When the blades are dull, cracked, clogged up or chipped, the mowers function becomes impaired, thus compromising sensitive components, as well as waste gasoline or electricity.

Today’s lawn mowers are classified in two categories: the reel mowers and rotary mowers. Lawn mowers that use a blade that rotates on a vertical axis are what is known as rotary mowers; those that uses a blade assembly that rotates on a horizontal axis are called the reel or cylinder mowers. The type commonly used for homes is the rotary mower, and is classified into three types: hand-pushed or walk-behind, riding or ride-on and self-propelled.

Since lawn mowers see constant action during the spring and summer seasons, it is advisable to keep the blades in good condition by doing regular check up and cleanings as these get dull or damaged if not taken care of properly. In this regard, the type of lawn mower one has at home may need different types of attention and with specific schedules as dictated by its design or type. There are mower blades for mulching and for regular clipping. A lawn mower may only need to be sharpened only twice every season if used on regular grass. For wiry-blade grass, the blade needs to be sharpened at least three times every season.

lawn mowers come in different sizes, designs, configurations and shapes, each of which is suited for a certain particular purpose. The smaller types that can be easily operated by an individual are best for small to medium residential lawns; while the larger, more complicated ones are self-contained – such as the ride-on mowers that are used for larger lawns; and the largest of all are the multi-gang mowers that are pulled behind a tractor and suitable for broader areas such as golf courses and parks.

There are some factors to consider when the time comes for you to change your lawn mower blades. You will need to take into consideration the type and model of your current lawn mower, and must therefore only buy the replacement parts as designated by the manufacturer. If you are unsure on about matters like this, then you must consult your service dealer for proper help and advise. Also, you must also put into mind about buying more than just one piece of blade replacement part in order to save time and effort on your part. When you do this, you must have the proper storage areas for safekeeping that makes it inaccessible for children to reach.

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