A beautiful garden requires a significant amount of maintenance. There are many responsibilities that have to be accomplished in order for it to prosper. Every day, there are seeds to plant, weeds to remove, fertilizer to apply and plants to water. A good set of specialized gardening tools goes a long way towards making these tasks both easier and more effective.

However, any gardening enthusiast knows that spades and rakes go through an incredible amount of abuse from daily use. They are constantly exposed to highly corrosive conditions. While rain water is bad enough, the various gardening chemicals can also accelerate the tools decay and deterioration. One excellent way to make them last longer is through the application of a protective coating.

There are many commercially available metal treatment coatings on the market today. They are specially designed for machinery for heavy duty use. The fact that they are able to protect metal components even through the harshest conditions only means that they would be more than sufficient to handle your gardening tools.

One of the great things about these protective coatings is that they can be easily applied at home. They are sold in liquid form and its up to the consumer to treat the metal pieces they want to protect themselves. The manufacturers recommend using a sprayer to evenly distribute liquid over the target area. Whether you have an air compressor or opt to buy a disposable aerosol can, either technique is perfectly acceptable.

People with access to specialized equipment can also try the spin and dip method of application. Simply fill a tall bucket about halfway with the liquid protective coatings. Submerge the metal piece completely. Then, using an electric drill or any other similar piece of machinery, spin the metal rapidly in the air. The rotation will slough off any excess coating, keeping the finish uniform on all sides. The buckets walls will catch the material, letting it flow back down the bottom to be used for the next piece. This is a very efficient technique if youre planning to coat many small items.

Once shielded with protective coatings, your garden tools will be free from all rust and corrosion dangers. In addition, the shields impact and abrasion resistance will also protect it from hidden rocks and hard roots in the soil.

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