The lawn is definitely the centrepiece of any good garden. It’s the largest bit of open space where you can lie, sit or place wooden sheds, but lawns are also notoriously hard to maintain. Not only do you have to mow them every so often to prevent them growing out of control, but you also need to look after the grass and make sure it is in good condition.

Grass is one of those funny plants. It grows everywhere when you don’t want it to but when you’re actually want to it to grow you’ll find it quickly overrun with moss and weeds.

If lawns are not well maintained they very quickly get wild and unkempt. Large bare patches can develop and then it starts to look ugly.

The Secrets to a Great Lawn

Mowing is an important part of looking after a lawn. It can be difficult job if you have a big area of long grass to mow, but petrol lawn mowers are robust and are powerful enough for such tough jobs.

There are smaller mowers available for less spacious gardens that are lightweight and efficient which can be plugged straight into the electric mains for power and these are sometimes consider safer and easier to use than petrol mowers.

If you need something with a bit of muscle, a Bosch lawn mower should be top of your list. When it comes to any kind of machinery, Bosch is a name you can trust and with loads of powerful and affordable mowers to choose from, it will help you keep your lawn in top condition.

Storing Your Mower

It’s important to look after any lawn mower that you have. These are expensive machines that need looking after and if you leave them exposed to the elements for too long, like any machine, they will start to deteriorate.

Keep them in the garage or in the garden shed. You can pick up an easily constructed and affordable wooden shed these days and it will really benefit your garden. It’s a great bit of extra garden storage and convenient for keeping garden furniture, BBQs and other tools in.

Sheds are made from all sorts of materials but the traditional material is definitely wood. If you don’t like the plain style of plain sheds then why not give yours a lick of paint or varnish?

As well as mowing the lawn, it’s also a good idea to treat it with weed and moss killer as lawns are easily taken over by weeds if not properly cared for.

Lawn treatments are readily available and you can even get products that are non-harmful to the environment – so you can get the luscious green lawn you want, safe in the knowledge you’re not putting anything nasty into the ecosystem.

Enjoying a Good Lawn

It’s also a good idea to work your lawn with a garden fork or rake. Digging the fork in a little or giving it a good rake will allow water to penetrate quicker so you won’t end up with a damp, soggy garden: good news considering all the rain we’re likely to have, hosepipe ban or not.

Looking after a lawn can give great satisfaction – especially when it looks really fantastic. A lawn can really make or break a garden so spending a few hours over the course of the year running your Flymo lawn mower over it is a small price to pay for the enjoyment it will give.

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Enables you to keep chiggers off your person, regardless of how many chiggers may be in your territory. It 19 no longer necessary or pardonable for people to scratch chigger bites. CHIGGER CHASER is an absolutely harmless powder to the most sensitive skin, yet it posi- tively keeps chiggers off. Dust thoroughly. Comes in Sifter top cans, postpaid to you! 11/4 01 25e 3 oz 50c Chigger Choke Rid your lawns of Chiggers (Red Bugs) easily! There is no longer any need or excuse for enduring these pests. One application of CHIGGER CHOKE, according to ins’ructions on the pack- age, will free your lawns for a season. If you and your neighbors will free your lawns one year, reinfestation can be avoided for many years. The DUSTER BAG makes application easy. Just attach bag to your lawn mower, or attach ropes to bag and drag over the area to be de- chiggered. Bag contains 7 pounds of Chigger Choke which will dust the average City Yard 50×150 feet. Shipping weight, 8 lbs Postpaid $1.10 Magnolia Flea-Kill POSITIVELY EXTERMINATES FLEAS In houses, garages, kennels, stables, barns, poul- try houses or wherever they may be found other than on animals. It is guaranteed to exterminatJ them when used according to instructions. It is not water soluble and retains its full strength in drenching rains. Magnolia Plea-Kill is harmless externally to animals or poultry when applied to breeding places as instructed, but should not be applied directly to their skins. Magnolia Flea-Kill comes mixed ready for im- mediate use, and is economical to use for com- plete extermination. Coverage and delivered costs as follows: Amount—Coverage Postpaid 4 lb3.—100 sq. ft. (10×10 feet) $1.10 12 lbs.—300 sq. ft. (10×30 feet) 2.20 24 lbs.—600 sq. ft. (20×30 feet) 3.25 C-A Wood Preserver (CARBOLINEUM) Kills chicken mites and fowl ticks or blue bugs. One application to inside of poultry house lasts 1 to 3 years. Recommended by U. S. Department of Agriculture. Preserves wood and makes wood termite proof. Can be brushed or sprayed. 1 qt. 60c—2 qt. $1.00—1 gal. $1.75—5 gal. $7.50—F.O.B. Dallas. frm-i5 HTH-15 Kills Germs and Bacteria An improved and fully effective chlorine germicide, disinfectant and deodorant in powder form, to be added to water. For use in homes, hospitals, restaurants, soda fountains and taverns. Ex- tensively used by dairymen and poultrymen. 1 Lb. 50c; 3 Lbs. $1.00 Postpaid Cyanogas Kills Rodent and Insect Pests It’s the Gas that Kills ’em! ONE WHIFF KILLS THEM Not a bait—Cyanogas is a gas producing powder that kills pests right in their burrows or nests, in feed rooms, corn cribs, granaries, under floors, in lumber piles, etc. CYANOGAS ANT KILLER It’s the sure way. Kills the queen, wipes out the entire ant colony. Packed especially for treating ant nests. 4 ounces, Postpaid 30c CYANOGAS A DUST Por use in pump dusters to pump into burrows, nests, under floors, into wood piles, stacks of feed or seed, etc., to kill all kinds of pests. 1 lb. 75e—5 lbs. $3.00—25 lbs. $10.00 100 lbs. $25.00 CYANOGAS G—FUMIGANT The positive fumigant for greenhouses, mush- room houses, warehouses, flour mills, grain and seeds, nursery stock, bulbs, for soil sterilization: and for killing bedbugs, cockroaches and other pests in tourists camps, bunk houses, etc. 5 lbs. $3.00—25 lbs. $10.00—100 lbs. $25.00 CYANOGAS FOOT PUMP DUSTER Especially designed for use with Cyanogas A Dust. The powerful piston action forces the Cyanogas deep into otherwise inaccessible parts of burrows. All non-corrosive metals. Foot Pump Duster $7.00 Postpaid Prices

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ASK FOR SPECIAL GEHL CATALOG Clipper Seed Cleaner Model 2B—Capacity up to 25 bu. per hour $58.50 Gustafson Seed Treater For applying Arasan, Ceresan, Semesan, etc. Model with % h. p. electric motor, capacity 2 to 4 tons cotton seed or 250 bu. grain per hour $283.00 Vacu- lator Glass Coffee Makers Model V24 makes 2 to 4 CUDS $2.95 Model V48 makes 4 to 8 cups $2.95 Made with PYREX GLASS F.O.B. Dallas Safeway Oil Heaters FOR HOMES — OFFICES — STORES Available When War Conditions Permit

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Old non electric Lawn Mower.

I used this very mower literally this mower as a child. My husband got it working for me. Now just a few minor adjustments, a handle and maybe sharpening and will be good as new!