To ensure that you have a blooming garden next spring, it is important that you properly prepare your garden this winter. Over the summer months the garden can become dry and bare with a lack of rain, during winter the rain can revitalise the lawn meaning by spring you have a blossoming garden however if you do not spend time on the garden during winter you may find you do not see good results in spring. It doesn’t take too much time to ensure your garden is in its best condition, you just have to make sure you have effective garden tools from brands such as Ryobi that will get the job done quickly for you.

During autumn leaves and plants can fall to the lawn’s surface. It is important that you remove these over the winter otherwise your garden will be stuck under a moist blanket heightening the risk of your grass becoming diseased and not be as strong during the spring and summer months. To combat this it is important to remove any build up of leaves or grass at least once a week during winter. Using a rake over long periods can cause strain to the back muscles so a leaf blower is the safest option to avoid injury. Ryobi garden tools have a selection of affordable and easy to use leaf blowers to ensure you can get this weekly task done quickly.

It is also important after you have cleared the lawn of excess leaves that you mow the grass so it is short and tidy. Ryobi lawnmowers are effective for mowing the lawn during the winter as they are easy to manoeuvre around the garden even in colder months. It is important to keep the grass quite short as this helps rain flow get to the soil easier meaning your lawn gets all the hydration it needs to fully prepare it for spring the following year.

From a tidy perspective if you want your garden to look presentable during winter you can also invest in products to help you remove any decaying plants. Over the colder months, winter frost can affect the life of some plants, if you have an overgrown hedge with dead branches there is a variety of Ryobi garden tools to help you clean this up. Hedge clippers from Ryobi make it easy to clip away any dead branches so you are left with a tidy looking canvas in your garden as you anticipate blossoming flowers and plants for spring.

Chris Reinhold is a consumer specialist who reviews the latest Ryobi and Ryobi garden tools available on the market.

A smoothed out lawn
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