Landscaping is an important part of keeping the beauty and integrity of both residential and commercial spaces. An outdoor space that is arranged well and kept clean and beautiful has a great effect on the way people see and visit a particular location. Friends and family will feel welcome and relaxed when they go to a loved one’s house with a well-manicured lawn and clean, spacious paving. Individuals will be more willing to enter a store or a restaurant with beautiful surroundings. In the same way, job applicants and potential business partners can be encouraged to enter a company’s property if it has an impressive, professional facade.

In order for landscape professionals to perform outstanding work, they have to get the proper equipment that offers value for money. Obtaining less than the best will cause these specialists to fail to meet their clients’ targets and sacrifice their integrity within their industry. Selecting the proper equipment for their tasks will go far in cementing their status as the service providers to trust. The first step towards building a landscaping collection can be the selection of a good generator model.

Generators are important equipment for supplying the required quantity of electricity for different tools utilized in different landscape applications. Buyers will have to think about some inquiries before they specify a particular model for purchase. What devices will be connected to power outlets? What are the total wattages for those devices? Do any of those equipment contain heating features? Are power tools contained in the list of devices? Will the generator be utilized on construction sites or for electricity backup in a residence? Knowing the answers will effectively help purchasers in choosing a generator with enough output for secure and correct use.

A lawn mower is another useful tool for landscaping work. There are lots of mowers that can fit specific project specifications. For instance, walk-behind mowers are affordable alternatives and can be used for mowing wide spaces or accomplishing finish and trim job. Walk-behind mowers let users to work on their own pace. Lawn tractors, conversely, let users to travel on the mower and have the job done at their chosen pace.

Selecting from among various lawn mowers for sale must be done with the planned applications in mind. If you’re planning to work on an outdoor space with varying areas (flat spaces, hills, sharp corners), you can benefit more from a mower that can be modified from push mower to ride-on mower with some simple steps. You also have to take note of the capabilities and specifications of the machine to know if it would work properly for your purposes.

Well-maintained outdoor properties are great looking, inviting, and inspiring. Landscape experts can improve their craft and continue giving outstanding work with the help of the best equipment models.

When you are into a landscaping business, the initial step for having a landscaping arsenal is to have an excellent Honda generator model. It helps you perform exceptional work.

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‘^^^v y .. rm zz h-^rfri

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.^ – -V -— ■•’ ‘•: -^^ ft/ READERS ARE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE ITEMS FOR THIS DEPARTMENT. Oskaloosa, la.—Miller E. Terry, em- ployed by a local florist, and Miss Aneta L. Stapela were married at Parkersburg, July 12. Hoopeston, 111,—Andrew Peterson and his family are spending a fortnight camping on the river near Momence, 111. Memphis, Tenn.—Application for a charter has been filed by the Idlewild Greenhouses; capital, $20,000. The in- corporators are: C, W. Schwill, T. G. Owen, W. H. Englehart, Otto Schwill and I. H. Peres. Lenox, Mass.—The Lenox Horticul- tural Society will hold its annual sum- mer exhibition at the town hall, Thurs- day, July 28. This exhibition consists chiefly of annuals and perennials, sweet peas, fruits and vegetables. Massillon, O.—Frank Kestes, who has been working for A. Weaver for the last few years, has formed a partner- ship with his brother and they are erecting two greenhouses at the east edge of town for growing a general line of stock. The firm name will be Kestes Bros. Quincy, Mass.—On the Fourth of July, William Patterson made use of a parade to good effect for advertising purposes. He entered the procession with a wagon that was beautifully deco- rated with rambler roses and he scat- tered roses and carnations, it is said, generously all along the route. Paterson, N. J.—The Paterson Floral Co., which was burned out at 304 Main street, in the fire of June 27, is now located permanently at 227 Market street. The name, Paterson Floral Co., however, has been dropped, and the new establishment will be known as The Flower Shop. The proprietors are Stoutenborough & Smith. Bloomsburg, Pa.—One of the write-up magazines of the class that does not ^njoy the second-class mail privilege, and which usually depends for circula- tion upon the sale of copies to the peo- ple written up, recently devoted an is- sue to Columbia county, of which this place is the seat. Four of the florists of the county bought copies entitling them to illustrated write-ups. Newburgh, N". Y. — At the annual meeting of the Yuess Gardens Co. the following officers were elected: Presi- dent, W. Stanley Murtfeldt; vice-presi- ^nt, Percy W. Herbert; secretary, Walter Mott; treasurer, B. Harry Cath- cart, Jr. These also constitute the board of directors. Mr. Herbert has charge of the nursery and greenhouse plant. Mr. I Mott will, continue to man- *ge the seecl and bulb department, also acting as traveling salesman. All are w^ell known to the trade. Villa Ridge, 111.—The heavy storms of wind and rain last week did much damage to the outdoor flowers grown here for the Chicago market. Fond du Lac, Wis.—Leon E. Sawicki, who for many years has been em- ployed on the big places around Chi- cago, has leased greenhouses here and gone into business for himself. Harrisburg, Pa.—The American Asso- ciation of Park Superintendents will hold its annual convention here August 6 to 10. A side trip to the Gettysburg battlefield will be one of the features. St. Albans, Vt.—Henry Bryant, of Congress street, has transferred his florist business to George Cooke, of South Main street, who will take pos- session July 30, and carry it on in con- nection with his own greenhouses. Vincennes, Ind.—Edward Schultz, who recently came here from Little Eock or Peoria, and rented the green- house of T. C. Dunn, has been enliven- ing things to a marked degree, but not in a way to add to the joys of life. Within the last few days Schultz and his landlord have had a physical en- counter, and each has caused a warrant to be issued for the other. Glenside, Pa.—No longer will it be necessary for perspiring mankind to push the heavy running lawn mower through the tall grass every Saturday half-holiday during the dog days—Wil- liam W. Harrison, florist, nurseryman and landscapist, has come to the res- cue! July 5 Mr. Harrison was granted a patent on a motor-driven mower, so that all the man who walks behind must do is steer. Colorado Springs, Colo.—The appoint- ment of judges and the selection of rules to govern the flower show to be held in Temple theater, August 18 to 20, was the principal business trans- acted by the El Paso County Horti- cultural Society at its regular meeting July 5. A motion was also passed that if the theater is not large enough to care for all the exhibits, steps will be taken to erect a tent on Kiowa street, adjoining the building. Oendbrugge, Belgium.—The fetes to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Louis Van Houtte, possibly the most re- nowned of Belgian nurserymen, were held here June 26. Early in the morn- ing the populace was astir, flags and banners floated in the air in the fronts of the houses, and Venetian masts were erected in the streets, with baskets of flowers half-way up, and surmounted with banners. There was a large gath- ering of those now in the trade to par- ticipate in the ceremonies. The present Van Houtte establishment here has, as part of its equipment, eighty-two green- houses. Dedham, Mass.—Edward Bingham and his son, Edward, Jr., sailed July 5 on the Ivernia for a short trip to Eng- land and Ireland. Catskill, N. Y. — Henry Hansen is making a trip to the Fatherland, the first since he left it nearly forty years ago. He expects to be back in time for the convention. Bellefonte, Pa.—Mrs. W. B. Johnson, who successfully conducts the green- house near Long’s mill, was taken sud- denly ill with acute indigestion July 10, and her condition is serious. Eochester, N. H.—A large number of people were at Melvin Folsom’s green- house on North Main street, Sunday night, July 10, to see his night bloom- ing cereus, which was in full bloom for several hours. Southampton, L. I.—Much interest was shown by the summer residents this year in the fourth annual exhibition of the Southampton Horticultural Society, which was held July 20 and 21. A number of prizes were offered and com- petition was keen. Montreal, Que.—Hall & Eobinson call attention that ocean steamers sail at daybreak at this port, and say several orders for flowers to be delivered on uoard have arrived too late. For execu- tion, orders must reach Montreal the day before the steamer sails. Wooster, O.—F. H, De Witt & Co. went into bankruptcy July 15. No statement of the liabilities or assets has been given out by W. F. Kean, the referee. De Witt & Co. made a specialty of geraniums for the trade, and last season introduced a novelty called Bed Wing. Huntsville, Ala.—John Scott, for- merly at Lebanon, Tenn., responding to an advertisement in The Eeview, has bought out the establishment of John T. Fisher, at this place. There are eight houses in all, and he is giving them a thorough overhauling. He also has material on the ground for two additional houses 25×125, with boiler- room and potting-shed. The new houses are to be devoted to carnations. Ft. Wayne, Ind.—The Misses Mildred and Euth Flick are now associated in business with the Flick Floral Co., in the store on West Berry street, which has been conducted by Miss C. B. Flick for a number of years. Both young ladies are nieces of Miss Flick, and Miss Mildred Flick has been an assist- ant in the store for six years. Miss Euth Flick has just completed the course of study at a local academy and she is now assuming part charge of the work of the store.

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