If you plan correctly, you can have a garden tool shed that is well organized as well has having all the tools conveniently located and easily accessible.

By following these tips, you can convert a formerly messy garden tool shed into an efficient one.

What do you really need in your garden tool shed? It seems as if we end up storing almost everything in the shed. It may be mechanical devices such as weed eaters or workshop tools. We store paints and chemicals. In very short order, we can have a real mess. By making a list of the things that actually belong in the tool shed, you can find a configuration that is most convenient for you.

Large bulky items are ideally stored in a garden shed. That includes lawn mowers and rototillers. However, it becomes very inconvenient to have to move these tools every time you need something from the back of the shed. Frequently used items need to have a storage place near the door. You may want to consider adding a second door for easier access from both ends of the shed.

By dividing a tool shed into zones, you will be able to designate storage spots for every item that needs to be in the shed. If necessary, build partitions in the shed to keep items such as kids toys and tools separated. Use shelves, bins and hooks in order to provide homes for each and every item that needs to be in the tool shed. If you have items around the home that can improvise use them, otherwise, purchase them from the hardware store.

If there is equipment or toxic chemicals in the garden tool shed, keep the shed locked, especially if there are children in your home. If locking is not an option, install cupboards that can be locked to store the dangerous chemicals.

Garden tool sheds need to be cleaned and organized regularly. Choose a date you can remember as a goal for cleaning the shed. Open the shed and if you find gadgets that are never used, give them away. If there are household items that are broken, either repair them or throw them away. Things that take unnecessary space make it difficult to find the tools that you do need.

Tools such as shovels or rakes need to be stored off the floor to save that valuable space for items that require floor storage. Hooks can be purchased at home improvement stores or at hardware stores. It is less expensive to buy hooks than to build a larger shed.

If you keep your garden tool shed organized, you will be able to find every tool that you need to keep your garden looking great at exactly the time you need them.

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