If theres one thing in gardening that guarantees a great display next season, its garden bulbs. When it comes to choosing vibrant colour and border drama you really cant go wrong and whatever size your garden theres always room for a few more.

Guaranteed Success

The great thing about garden bulbs is that they are very easy to grow. You dont have to worry about getting them to flower; the bulb already contains an insulated flower bud within its protective coat. All you have to do is provide the right conditions to coax the flower from its comfort zone and into full view. In some instances you can just add water.

Bulb Know-How

For the best value buy bulbs loose and choose the biggest bulbs for the best results.

Remember that garden bulbs need air to circulate around their roots so whether you are growing them in garden containers or direct in the flower border you need to ensure there is good drainage around the roots. That means a well-draining soil, or a quality growing compost. Keep it simple and choose to grow your bulbs in a dedicated bulb fibre. Youve invested in the bulbs so it makes sense to give them exactly what they need to perform to their full potential. Bulb planting compost is designed to grow bulbs and for a small amount of extra investment it provides the correct level of nutrients, a gritty open compost and a healthy environment for the plant roots. Mix it into the planting hole when planting in the border or fill your pot or container with it and plant into this. It really does make sense.

In deep

If you get your bulbs home and have forgotten what to do, look at the packaging. Most bulbs will have full planting instructions printed on the packet. As a general guide you should plant bulbs at least twice or up to three times their depth in the ground.

Know Your Onions

Visitors to the summer flower shows will be familiar with the glorious purple globes of colour so popular with eminent garden designers. Alliums of one sort or another are often the stars of the show and yet these plants are extremely easy to grow and will go on performing year after year. They are also members of the same family as onions, garlic and leeks. So if you want to create a garden reminiscent of Chelsea then dont delay, popular varieties sell out fast. Alliums make a good focal point in the border and are great in containers. Look out for Allium aflatuense, Allium giganteum, Allium christophii, Allium sphaeorocephalon, Allium roseum, Allium caerulum and Allium Globemaster. Plant them as soon as possible, you wont be disappointed.

Great Combinations

Grow two or more varieties of bulbs in the same container for stunning results. You can buy specially selected duo varieties of bulbs at most garden centres which have been chosen to flower at the same time and take the hard work out of choosing what works well together. Its simple, plant larger bulbs in a deeper layer with the smaller ones above. Where the bulbs are the type or the same size, mix them evenly for stunning results.

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