Most of us give more importance to the interior of the house than the exterior. Many leave the exterior simple with few flower pots and plants and grass in the lawn which is maw down by the children on Saturdays and fences whitewashed by the retired uncle. House exteriors are an important part of the house and make for the house look beautiful. Garden maintenance is important and becomes a necessary thing to do when winter falls. Snow melts in the spring and uncovers the things left in the yard last winter. All you find is just grass and dead plants. Here are the few tips for cheap garden maintenance that will make your garden look lively and beautiful.

One of the few important notes that you must take is the fact that yard care and landscaping should be done in springtime, the same way you do spring cleaning of the interior of the house. You must note, that yard cleaning should be given proper attention, like you give to the interior household. A well given effort to the yard saves you the labor for the entire summer of laborious yard cleaning. It does not mean you must not take care of the garden regularly. Well, of coarse the time you spend on the interior of the house and on the garden will differ. Sometimes it will be more like tidying up the front lawn and the backyard. You can even go for the re-landscaping the garden for a new look, as this the place where you would prefer to have your tea in summers. The cheapest ways of maintaining garden area:

* First of all, tidy up the lawn
* Till the ground and open lawn space where you want to regrow plants.
* Separate the rotten and fallen branches, leaves and plants and get them under the ground
* Arrange the plants in the category of the seasons. Do not plant smaller plants near large ones, as they will hide the sunshine.
* Plant evergreen plants near the periphery and summer flowering plants inside to give a beautiful view.
* Make rows for the vegetation you want to grow and create fences.
* Whitewash the timber fences and use corrosion free nails, screws for fixtings.
* Tidy up the wooden or rattan garden furniture and paint them.
* Regular pruning & cutting of unwanted shrubs must be done.
* Water the plants daily.
* Schedule the tilling up the lawn, as it will allow fallen leaves and twigs to go underground and act as organic fertilizers.

These simple steps will help you achieve the wonderful landscaped garden. You should always keep in mind that after this spring cleanup and landscaping is completed, you have to maintain the area. You neglection will not only make the garden go chaotic, but also will create the need of expensive garden landscape assistance. Go for the simple and regular cheap garden maintenance.

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