You love your baby, this is a fact. You want the best for your baby now, and for his or her future. You realize that your child’s health is his or her greatest gift on Earth. You will do everything in your power to protect their health and their future health. As parents, we all try to make the right decisions regarding our children. Keeping our kids healthy is more important now than it has ever been, and fortunately it is also easier than it has been in the past.

One of the most important things we can do is feed our children organic, pesticide-free food, as conventional food has been proven to harbor chemicals that can be hazardous to our health. While many people don’t think about organic vs. conventional when it comes to things other than food, it is important to realize that the distinctions are there, and one of the greatest investments you can make in the health of your child is by creating for them a health promoting environment in the form of an organic baby nursery.

Going organic is not just hype. It removes harmful chemicals and carcinogens from your environment, thereby protecting your body’s health. Baby’s and young children are among the most fragile of creatures. It only makes sense to take every extra step possible to shield them from harm. 

The organic baby nursery has such healthy choices as natural chemical paint on the walls and furniture, organic bedding, organic cleaning agents to clean up messes made by little hands, organic clothing, organic baby diapers, and of course organic products to put on your baby’s soft and precious skin. There are even organic fiber carpets and other flooring choices to make your nursery organic from bottom to top.

Do it for your child. Do it for the future. Go organic for peace of mind.

Grow Natural Baby ( was established out of a desire to help new and experienced parents gain the knowledge they need to choose more wisely when purchasing baby food, skin care, cleaning products, and clothing for their children.

Chalet Landscape/Nursery Garden Center
Chalet Landscape/Nursery Garden Center
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Homemade plant nursery to grow bunch of seedlings in your back garden

In this episode I describe my mini nursery for 360 seedlings that I have built in my back garden. It is working fine for over 2 months now. Seedlings have survived in it already constant rains and high over 30C (90F) heat.
Here are few most important points in my opinion about raising plants from seeds in back garden:

1. Make sure they have enough sun, at least 5 hours, you can use web application called which will show you how much sun you get in your back garden throughout the year.

2. Good airflow will prevent any diseases which like humid conditions.

3. Rain cover which will ensure your seedling will not drown and you can better control how much water they getting.

4. Flats with seedlings should be elevated and in clear area to prevent any hiding spaces around for slugs and other pests.


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