You may just be a novice venturing into the arena of gardening; or you may be a professional gardener with years of experience behind you. You would like to set up a novel garden – different from the vegetable gardens, cottage gardens, indoor gardens, a space age hydroponics (cultivation of plants in nutrient solution, not soil) setup, and Japanese gardens (to name just a few)! What is the next step after you have made a wish? Purchase appropriate tools and supplies. Do not go to any store. Sit down in the comfort of your living room and order gardening supplies online! The quality is good and the prices affordable.

Why go for gardening supplies online? Here is the answer:

(1) There is a particular type of garden you would love to create! Imagining something is different from actually seeing the picture in front of you! The online web sites provide colorful images on screen about every type of garden, and also give information about each. Hobby or professional, they fuel your imagination to such an extent that you wish to try out every idea, with the possibility of adding your own! And to top it all, the gardens exhibited are matched by gardening supplies online

(2) Have you noticed how crowded gardening centers are, especially in the springtime or gardening season? The staff hardly finds time to communicate with customers. If you have gone there seeking information, forget it! It’s not going to happen! So the alternative is to search for gardening supplies online. A number of web sites display products with their prices. Additionally, they include instructions on how to use each product and how it will benefit you. Thus, reading material about a variety of supplies is obtainable first-hand.

(3) What if there is something that forms part of your garden theme and it is not stocked by local nurseries? They may not see the need for it in that area and so do not even include it in their inventory. Do you give up on your dream? Certainly not! Find gardening supplies online. They can help you look for supplies that are not available locally. You are welcome to even grow orchids in your backyard with their help!

(4) If it is something that is not in stock at your local store, you would have to take out your car and go on long drives, searching for shops which can actually provide the supplies that you need! How much money is spent on gas! It is far wiser to look for gardening supplies online! For instance, if you are thinking of creating a magical Japanese garden, there would be one web site at least where professional growers can offer you valuable advice regarding this. Do-it-yourself kits are also on offer. Give your address and the materials are shipped to you. Buying in bulk can even get you a discount on shipping!

(5) The best thing about shopping online – no matter if it is “in-season” or “off season”, you can always get whatever you want. Especially during the off-season, you can get supplies at bargain prices.

To put it in a nutshell, looking for gardening supplies online is more fun than traipsing from store to store, hunting for the materials you would need!

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Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~ Allan Gardens ~ Landmark Site ~ Historical Allan Gardens Conservatory ~
Allan Gardens Conservatory is a major landmark and tourist attraction in downtown Toronto. Its historic, cast-iron and glass domed "Palm House" was built in 1910 and is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. A botanical gem in the heart of the city, Allan Gardens has a permanent collection of exotic plants and beautiful seasonal flower shows.
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Traditional British gardening sites threatened by developers

London – recent
1. Close up red rose
2. Mid shot man tending to allotment
3. Wide shot allotments with greenhouse in foreground
4. Mid shot women tending to allotments
5. Close up yellow flowers
6. Wide shot canary wharf towers in distance with green verge in foreground
7.Wide shot river Lea with canary wharf towers in the distance
8. Close up photograph of aerial shot of allotments, pull out to wide shot
9. Mid shot set up of Andrew Gaskell pointing to photograph
10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Andrew Gaskell, senior development manager, London Development Agency
“They’re right in the middle of the park. It’s going to be the largest construction site in Europe from now until the Games actually commence. They’re at the heart of that. The fact that we need to actually drop the level by six meters means that there’s no way to work around them. What we have done though is make the distinction between the allotments side itself and the Society. We’ve worked very hard to make sure the Society keeps going. We’ve found them a relocation site which we got planning permission for. That’s less than a mile away at Marsh Lane. So we’re very careful to make sure that they can take all their members there who want to go.”
11. Mid shot smoky barbeque
12. Mid shot woman preparing food for barbeque
13. Wide shot women and children preparing food
14. Mid shot man and woman cooking on barbecue
15. Close up of chicken being cooked
16. Mid shot tilt of table of food
17. Wide shot various people at barbecue
18. SOUNDBITE: (English), Erce Kose, teenager and son of allotment holder
“I am excited but I’m actually sad as well cos there’s not much allotments around London and well, there’s no place to hang out with my friends and have fresh air.
19. Wide shot of Julie Sumner in her allotment
20. Close up of Julie Sumner picking strawberries and pan to left
21. SOUNDBITE (English) Julie Sumner, secretary of the Manor Gardens Society:
“Allotment gardens are admired and imitated all over the world. And in Japan, they’ve opened more allotments in the last ten years than we have in total now. So it’s something that Britain can be proud of. It’s a very successful model and so it makes sense to us that rather than making us into a footpath and some rather simplistic landscaping which is their plan, we could be the real history and legacy of the area as well as an example of all those philosophies of biodiversity and the environment for the Green Olympics.
Wide shot retired man tending to his vegetable patch
22. Close up tilt of same man weeding
23. Wide high set up shot of Eddie Matthews
24. SOUNDBITE (English) Eddie Matthews retired allotment holder
“The second year I ever took an allotment here which was 20 years, about a 20 odd years ago, was a little plot over the back there. And I planted, I didn’t have a lot, I had runner beans and onions, a few potatoes, some soft fruit. And I actually picked 150 pound (68 kilograms) of runner beans the first season. And the wife went out and bought a freezer (laughter), a chest freezer so we could store them cos I just couldn’t get rid of them. And every year after that, I’ve just been moving them on to other people. I give them to the kids, the neighbours.”
25. Wide shot pan of overgrown allotments
26. Mid shot pull focus holly in foreground/crane and construction site in background
London 2012 Olympics will be the greenest Olympics ever, the event’s organisers are promising.
Yet at the heart of the Olympic site in East London, developers are preparing to flatten a century-old cluster of allotments to create a manicured pathway.
They are almost as quintessentially English as a red rose.
Today they fit nicely with the trend for locally grown produce.

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