My Bamboo Garden with Black Bamboo / How to grow a Bamboo Plant

My Bamboo Garden with Black Bamboo / How to grow Bamboo Plant. This garden has a few types of bamboo in but it is mainly Black bamboo. Bamboo Care Bamboo plants like lots of water and I give mine grass fertilizer a few time a year as well. If you want to Buy Bamboo check out Bamboo world online they have lots of Bamboo species . I got a few of mine there, including a purple plant. I even got to harvest a few of the smaller bamboo stacks this year

Nature Wood at Forest How
I have undertaken a little ‘project’, whilst at Forest How. The plan was to make the wood more accessible, and better for wildlife observation. The foreground rock is an ideal deer observation point, whilst the top of the rock outcrop, being flat, would be ideal for squirrel and bird observation.

Whilst showing the progress to John, the owner, we managed to startle two roe deer! The plan is obviously to be in the wood first, and wait for the wildlife to arrive.
By Peter G Trimming on 2014-09-04 15:22:19